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The Women's Point of View Part 2 : The House of Worth

Charles Frederick Worth (13 October 1825 – 10 March 1895), widely considered the Father of Haute couture, was an English fashion designer of the 19th century, whose works were produced in Paris.

Worth used beautiful and luxurious fabrics for his dresses, and he trimmed them with rich decoration, such as fringe, lace, braid, and tassels made of pearls. His many important contributions to design included an ankle-length walking skirt, shockingly short for its time, and the princess gown, a waist-less dress that hung simple and straight in the front while draping in full pleats in the back.

Dresses (Ball Gown) 1887

Evening Dress 1909–1911

For Queen Alexandrine of Denmark 1890s

Evening Gown 1910

Evening dress 1898-1900

Evening dress 1925


 And this one looks familiar, not from this same material but... maybe Fanny had that one from Worths.
Still hers is a little avangarde.

And after that... Coco Chanel came and everything is different...everything is less....but girls are girls, always dream about this kind of dress.

Milla Jovovich - Satellite of Love 
Wonderful interpretation!

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