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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 12 : Possibility that RA-voice-TheRApy can be scientifically proved - Human body as an instrument


In this „Being a fan…” HERE I started talking abort music therapy and that human is a music composition. And talking about music we should talking about human voice too, because we have music instrument too.

We don’t even realized how many sounds can emits our body. We can talk, sing, laugh, burp, but not only. Our stomach can tell us that he is hungry, our blood can sing in the rhythm of our heart. We are very loud.

Just imagine guitar or cello. There are not only strings, but whole instrument: resonance box, neck of instrument, holes in box, type of wood etc. This all has influence on sound from this instrument.

Richard has the most wonderful instrument, because not only vocal cords are important, but our resonance box, like: laryngeal pharynx, nasal pharynx, oral pharynx, sinuses, skull shape, jaw line, teeth, tongue, chest and nose with nasal septum and nostrils.

I hope that Richard has not wish to change his nose, because this can change his wonderful voice, and that will be disaster!

I remember when my mum had new denture for the first time. I was 4-5 years old and in that time all kids wish to have small ski set from toyshop and this one was really hard to buy. But my mum on her way to home from dentist had this luck and she bought it for me. And she gave me it with her new voice. THIS WAS TRAUMATIC FOR ME! For little kid when his mum is talking with different voice. I remember it even now…this ski set and my mum new voice. I was really scared!

This instrument can be toned too.

Do you remember maybe this singer Garou? He was talking in one of his interviews that this isn’t his natural voice. He was practicing it for a long time, and now is really hard for him to talk and sing different, because his instrument is attuned like that. He is breathing in special rhythm, his tongue is moving, his jaws are moving to emit this voice.

I don’t have wish to bother You with details how this all body parts are structured. I just have to talk about some other interesting things.

E.g HERE You can read how larynx is build.
HERE about human voice

Ok so we can continued…

Larynx is source of human voice, this is voice generator, but for voice the most important is resonance.

I have it from polish book of Zygmunt Pawlowski. Title is something like: Foniaric diagnostic of voice performance emission in singing and speech.

So I don’t know about onomastic in this matter in English, but is probably the same.

So about resonance and formants.

Formants are places where basic tones from larynx are strengthen, intensify, amplify, grove stronger. Larynx tones are composed from pure basic tones (do You remember when I was talking about tuning fork? HERE One tuning fork can emits pure basic tone)

Formant F0 – is on level of true vocal fold to 500 Hz

Formant F1 – is in faucial cavity (pharyngeal cavity) and has there frequency 500-800 Hz

Formant F2 – is in oral cavity (mouth, stoma) and has there 1200-1800 Hz

Formant F3 is known as singing formant and it is making in vestibule of the larynx (laryngeal vestibule)

HERE more about this kind of formant

Here from Wiki

Studies of the frequency spectrum of trained singers, especially male singers, indicate a clear formant around 3000 Hz (between 2800 and 3400 Hz) that is absent in speech or in the spectra of untrained singers. It is this increase in energy at 3000 Hz which allows singers to be heard and understood over an orchestra, which peak at much lower frequencies of around 500 Hz. This formant is actively developed through vocal training, for instance through so-called "voce di strega" or witch's voice exercises and is caused by a part of the vocal tract acting as a resonator.

Some of the tones from larynx can be intensify other are not intensify, some are muting.

Ok too much information for one time isn't good, so better stop here.


This is Richard's voice in very basic program, and I marked this peak on 630 Hz. I didn't had time for catching more, but this peak was on 637 Hz and as I said about checking Richard's voice (Sylvester audiobook) in some programs and in one there was for some time amplitude very closer to 
639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships 
"which is very interesting when we talking about....his Fanbase :)"
This peak is almost at the beginning of every phrase. When he is talking like a lady, peak is on something about  250 Hz.
So maybe some of these controversial theories are real ;) But we have to know only where we can search and what we should search.
So maybe having the fanbase is in Richard's voice? And members from his base have wish to connect with each other? As was in one of the interviews (Interview for The Joanna Bostock Show, BBC Radio Leicester, 2nd October 2007) there was something like: "Richard: They form a web community, Jo: Based on You, Richard: They become friends with each other."

 See You next time :)

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Ania pisze...

I must admit that I love the voice of RA :-))) Last works for me very calming and can't explain why. Maybe the fault of my father, who read me bedtime stories. Or maybe it's simply a matter of 630 Hz. I don't know. It is important that it works for me :-)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Oh :0 Hello Ania :)Yes Richard's voice is extraordinary. And nobody can explain why :) But everybody is saying about calming and relax :)

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