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Polish Premiere of Strike Back Season 2 on DVD

Polish Premiere
Strike Back
Season 2

Polish title: Kontra: Operacja Świt. Sezon 1 (of course we know that this is season 2) 

Date of premiere: September 7th 2012

Distributed by Galapagos Main Page HERE

Strike Back Season 2 page on Galapagos HERE

Full time: 450 min.

4 DVD's version

DVD 1 - extras

DVD 2 - extras + movie

Language versions: English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian. 
Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Greek, Serbian.

Extras: 5 commentaries with actors and producers: Sullivan Stapleton, Philip Winchester, Amanda Mealing, Daniel Percival, Liam Cunningham.
On EMPIK cost: 111.99 zł HERE 
On Merlin cost: 107,99 zł HERE 
On Fabryka cost: 101.99 zł HERE. This is probably the lower price. So I should wait a little for some sale. ;D


I hope that after The Hobbit some other series with Richard will be distributed in Poland.

piątek, 28 września 2012

Richard Armitage optical illusion 2

Hello. I was a little away from my blog. That was hard time at work. I was preparing very important presentation on big conference. Well that were 3 presentations, because when I was ending one, someone from management said that this is not what they were expecting in essential way. So I made another one. Other person from management said that still this wasn't what should be in presentation. So I made third presentation mixing informations from first and second. And this was very good. AT LAST! But 3 weeks I was making nothing more, but presentations. At last I have a little time for myself. And I'm sorry for some delay in other things. Another Optical illusion with Richard. Clicke to enlarge, for better effect. Enjoy :) 


czwartek, 13 września 2012

Ghost Adventures at last NEW SEASON!!!

Ghost Adventures at last NEW SEASON!!!

Season 7 Premiere Sept 14

Page on Travel Channel HERE
Here is Aaron, very sensitive dude. No matter where he is always in trouble. Even in candy shop.

Why leading man Zak is looking like douchebag? Because of his girlfriend, but earlier he was normal and He is really nice guy :) and not douchebag inside. Remember he is ghostcatcher and was couple of times possessed by ghosts. In this movie he is explayning in very good way how possessed man is feeling. Possession is not only by evil ghosts. Here is by murdered woman.

From his MySpace HERE:
"Bagan’s passion for investigating the paranormal was ignited after a face-to-face encounter with the spirit of a woman who haunted his old apartment building in Trenton, Michigan. Forever changing his outlook and path in life, the terrifying incident led him to actively hunt for recorded evidence from beyond the grave."

How Zak Bagans Does his hair

I like all these dudes

There isn't Nick on this vid. But here is his moment of possession.

czwartek, 6 września 2012

David Tennant in "Spies of Warsaw" Nov 2012 in TV

Some news about "Spies of Warsaw" from "Świat Seriali" No 18 from Aug. 27 2012.
On photo David Tennant as Colonel Jean-François Mercier (french attache) is with polish actor Marcin Dorociński (nice bum too). He is playing Colonel Pakulski.
Fullcast of "Spies..." on IMDB HERE.



Interview with David Tennant about "Spies of Warsaw" HERE. David Tennant was in Warsaw before, when he was at drama school.

Marcin Dorociński
One of the best actors.

In this article is about another polish actor Mirosław Zbrojewicz, very good actor, characteristic face, very good voice for dubbing e.g. in polish version of Mass Effect 2 and Gothic 3 games. He is playing Mercier's driver.

Mirosław Zbrojewicz

Series in November 2012 in Polish Television.
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