wtorek, 8 lutego 2011

Robert Lovelace: Richard Armitage and Sean Bean

Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady by Samuel Richardson (1748)

Penguin Classics on Amazon - 1536 pages HERE

Sean Bean
Clarissa TV Series 1991 HERE

On YouTube
(In 26 parts)

Richard Armitage
BBC Radio4 from 14 March 2010 to 4 April 2010


Part 1 – The Pursuit HERE

Part 2 – The Flight HERE

Part 3 - Imprisonment HERE

Part 4 - Freedom Regained HERE

4 komentarze:

Phylly3 pisze...

Thanks for the links Jonia! Nice to see them all together like this.
I watched that Youtube version of the show and it was very well done. But I would really enjoy hearing RA's voice again. He did a fabulous job with his death scene. It almost made me forgive him. Oh heck! I DID forgive him!

Fabolaktuko pisze...

Thank you Jonia! I love Sean Bean as Lovelace. Some of his best work, and not as appreciated as it should be.

I've only listened to bits of Richard Armitage as Lovelace, and look forward to more now that you've posted it. That voice, what a wonderful acting instrument.

I've also read the novel, Clarissa, a very abridge version (500 pages).

Traxy pisze...

Brilliant! Thanks for the links! More lovely things to listen to in the car! :D

Fanny/iz4blue pisze...

Love BOTH these Lovelaces too!! Have yet to read the novel, the abridged version though! Actually it was in preparation of Armitage's production that made I became aware of Sean Bean's young acting oeuvre!!

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