piątek, 30 września 2011

Today is Boys' Day

Men, boys are shouting when is Womens' Day that this is unfair and they wish to have their own Day. Well I think that they don't know that sometimes (in my country) they have 3 Mens' Days in one year: Mens' Day - March 11th, Boys' Day - September 30th and International Mens' Day - 3rd November. This is like with their girlfriends', wifes', kids', parents' birthdays and Anniversaries ;D So no wonder that they don't know this. They don't remember.

What I'm thinking about men..hmmm.. this is a little complicated..
em... where to start...???
They are needed... e.g. when You wish to have some kind of funny and not so very complicated joke, just show male's bum.

Photobucket Photobucket

We can learn from them some useful things... like spitting, get into trouble and that some things can have different use in different situations.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And this is probably true that they are grow up to age 3 and after that they are only get taller and bigger.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

em... what else...
The most incredible is that they can have hair in the most unusual places, and if they have some more hair they are thinking that they are stronger ;D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

But the most fascinating element on their bodies is in some special place. All females are curious :) what not only Scotsmen have.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

But we can be sure that they have nipples


And some things are just too manly to change them :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

But World would be much boring and sad without them :)

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So GO BOYS!!!!


Apollo 440 - Make My Dreams Come True

Give it up
And make my dreams come true

Shoot me like a gun
Beat me like a slave
Stone me like the Lord
And send me to my grave

Give it up
And make my dreams come true

czwartek, 29 września 2011

Different view on Nokia phone

I just was reading that Nokia is closing factory and has troubles etc. And everybody is saying that these phones are one big s**t.
Well I have Nokia phone. Not because I like it, just because I have to.
No. This isn't lack of money reason.
I'm in this percent of people who are not able using modern mobile phones, specially flat phones. My head is like antenna. I remember couple years ago, my bro had new phone some flat Motorola (this was time when flat phones were first time in sale), this was only once when I had in hands his mobile. I stop seeing in right eye, had terrible headache, and respiratory distress. When I'm sitting in bus next to person who is using mobile phone, and if I'm touching them e.g by my elbow, I have similar symptoms. For 8 years (2000 - 2008) I was using only one phone Siemens C35i (this one is cult, legendary), and I had to buy new one, because was really hard to buy new battery. But this one is still wonderful working and in very good condition.
Now I have my second since 2008 - Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and this model is from 2006.


Of course I wish to have more than 2 GB memory for my fav music, but this isn't the most important in this phone.
I was searching for new phone in 2008 for 3 months and at last I found this one because only using this one my brain is not cooking and the best is that I can listen to the music on it without health problems. Earlier I was using mp3 players.

(of course who can be on wallie ;D )

Now I have some problems with buying new cover on it, because they stop making it, but adhesive tape is working ;D And probably I have to start thinking about buying new phone :/ , but it has to have something about 20 mm in thickness. And this time it can be different phone company.

Please be careful when You are using Your flat phones, iPhones, smartphones etc. They are really dangerous. Don't cook Your brain too much. You can use earphone set to reduce risk.
And the most important: changing Your moblie every half year isn't ecological, eco-friendly.

So next time when somebody is talking about s**ty Nokia, just think about different priorities when people are buying mobile phone.

środa, 28 września 2011

The only one Monet in Poland - La plage à Pourville

I'm just watching "The Impressionists" and giggling almost all the time :)

My fav is this one ;D

In Poland is only one Monet's painting:

"La plage à Pourville, soleil couchant"
"Beach in Pourville"

Painted (Oil on canvas) in 1882 when Monet was in Pourville-sur-Mer.
Bought by the National Museum in Poznań in 1906


National Museum in Poznan
main site HERE

And was stolen by some kind of "paintings lover" in september 2000. Recovered in January 2010. He had this painting in his home for all this time!!! You can read it HERE.

So this art is really addictive ;D

poniedziałek, 26 września 2011

Richard Armitage's new agency :) in USA

YAY! 90210!

Richard goes to Hollywood! I'm mean Beverly Hills!

This is great! Our Fav Fellow is in another Agency. This is confirmed ;D So not only for Captain America was RA in USA :)


9111 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills
CA 90210-5508

Not much on their main site HERE

From Beverly Hills Patch HERE
"Some of the artists associated with the agency are actors Meg Ryan and Kiefer Sutherland. It also is one of the key agencies for young talent in Hollywood, representing actors Eric Dane and Taylor Lautner of the popular Twilight vampire sagas."

or HERE on Variety

"Collectively the three new partners represent clients including Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Garner, Channing Tatum, Jessica Biel, Matthew Fox, Bryce Dallas Howard, Giovanni Ribisi, Kat Dennings, Marisa Tomei and Eric Dane."

So I'm waiting for another great movie after Hobbit :D

Thank You Duncan :D

Article: Duncan Miller Joins Management 360

or on Variety HERE

piątek, 23 września 2011

Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 18 : Richard's blood type

Part 2 HERE

I consider that Richard's blood type is A. Why?

Yes I have studies on this too ;D. Well I'm interesting in this matter, that we have different organisms because of our blood type. Our blood types are result of evolution. First was blood type 0 - people were eating more red meat and hunting, when people started living in concentration and diet had more plants - evolution adapted people to this situation by blood type A - more plants, less meat, more people around. Blood type B is specific for people who living in high mountains or in cold, because people with this blood type (of course there are some exceptions) have better adaptation to cold, they have warm hands and feet even in winter. Blood type AB is called "Enigma". It beginning something about 1000 years ago and only 2-5% all population has it. This one is probably better to adapt body for changing civilisation.

Here is one of sites about Blood type and diet

In couple of words:
Food can cure, be neutral or be poison for organism with specific blood type.
e.g. meat
Blood type 0 - hunter
cure: beef, neutral: chicken, poison: pork
Blood type A - farmer
cure: none (the best is soya), neutral: chicken, poison: all the rest
Blood type B - nomad
cure: lamb, neutral: beef, poison: chicken
Blood type AB - enigma
cure: lamb, neutral: pheasant, poison: chicken

I was on this kind of diet (and have to return to it) for 2 years, after really awful flu, when my organism was like open doors for every illnes. Half year I wasn't able to be healthy, 2 food poisoning, even I didn't know how. So I changed my diet. And I have to say that for 2 years I hadn't even one headache. Even now this is realy rare, mostly when I'm tired. At last my organism is able to fight with flu. I wasn't very precise in this diet, but it was worthy.

Ok so some facts about Richard that he can have blood type A

1. Clearing his throat, when He is saying something and drinking water.

Blood type A has more mucus that other blood types, because this blood type has less gastric acid (for diet with more plants than meat) and all gastrointestinal tract is "sluggish". The best for it is half glass of warm water with juice from half of lemon at morning.

2. His food: porridge with fruit and no meat for breakfast.

(from interview Sunday Times (magazine), 12th September 2010 If looks could kill on Annette's site HERE)

This is really good food for somebody with blood type A, because for somebody with blood type 0 this is only snack (type 0 needs meat, meat makes type 0 metabolism pumping). If he isn't hungry after this food, so this is perfect example for type A. Why he didn't say: eggs with bacon or something?

3. Weight

Blood type A has problems with weight, this type has to have some kind of diet and exercises to stay fit in this kind of times. The metabolism is slower than type 0. Mostly people with 0 are skinny and can easier be more skinny (I consider that Christan Bale is blood type 0)
As we can see RA can gain weight and has some muscle for longer time (Strike Back, than Spooks). And some kind of starvation for type A is very big stress for organism. So probably this attack of psoriasis before shooting "Spooks" Season 7 was some kind of massive stress reaction from organism, not only that this was shooting of Spooks. You can read it HERE on Annette's site. Type A has higher stress level than other types, because this is some kind of defensive reaction when people started living in massive concentration, and is harder to go down. Type A has higher level of cortisol in blood. You can read about cortisol e.g. HERE. The best way to be less stressed for A is to lay down on back (Alexander technique see HERE)


But of course I can be wrong :) He can be type 0
1. Psoriasis is most popular when is type 0 (if too much milk and wheat)
2. Bite by mosquitos e.g see interview for Robin Hood September 2007. In this interview He is saying that he was more beaten by mosquitos than other members of Robin Hood. Mosquitos really like blood type 0. But I'm type A and I was bitten many many times.

The Women's Point of View Part 9 : The First Day of Autumn


Photoshot by Klaus Kampert

Really interesting photo art where something naked isn't even seen as act.

But from the other point of view, this is really nice bum. ;D

środa, 21 września 2011

Ordeal by Innocence in Czech Oct 2011

I know that some from Czech are reading this blog so if You are Richard fans there is again Miss Marple: Ordeal by Innocence/Slečna Marplová: Zkouška neviny in Czech Television.

You can read it HERE and HERE

CT 1
Saturday 8. 10. 2011
1 p.m. (+1 GMT Time Zone)


You can buy it on DVD since 2009 in Miss Marple series number 11.

Earlier on CT 1
CT1 Thursday Sept 17th 2009 8:00 p.m.
CT1 Sunday Oct 24th 2010 10:25 p.m.

poniedziałek, 19 września 2011

Spooks 10 Episode 1 - Lucas


Screen clickie HERE

This is really painful!

Lucas North/John Bateman "In pieces"
Thank You JulietD001

A good example why you shouldn't trust journalists

I hate journalists. Why? Many times I had confirmation that they are lying bastards.
Year by year press is worst. When we are reading something in papers, we believing that informations they have at the first hand. Nothing further from the truth.
This is only one example.

CLICKIE Blog Estrenos de cine by some kind of journalists. And news about which even RA fans are not sure - Where Richard Armitage is in Star Wars

But this pic is very familiar to me


because is from my blog. From HERE THEY DON'T EVEN CHANGED NAME OF THE FILE!
They have access to press agencies' data bases, they can ask agent, even star self. But no! They are using fan blogs for searching about not confirmed informations! How stupid we are that we have any doubts about this news! They are journalists. They are an oracle!

I was searching for a year to have a little, tiny, mini confirmation about that RA was playing in "Use Me as Your Cardigan" play in 2002. You can read it HERE. I spend whole year searching everywhere. And at last I found it on the most incredible site.

They spend only a while to grab informations from other blog.
I don't know how many informations about other stars are on this site, but I can be sure that they are from other fans, other blogs, without source. BTW if they are journalists they have to buy this photo of Rebecca Bradbury.

So do You still believe journalists? Because I still don't believe them.

I was writting about correction 3 letters and comment, but no response. Oh please don't tell me that they don't understand english even a little!

So now la periodista you can kiss my cojones!

sobota, 17 września 2011

News of the day : reduction

Yeap, they cut employment in my work. In January 2012. Even now is worst than ever. No money for everything: copy paper, phone, toner, etc. So they cut heads. They'll cut mine. Delicious. End of slave labour.

I think that I'm very good in searching for terrorists. So if You are from CIA, FBI, NRO, DCRI (I have french surrname... This is good undercover), CNI, ASB-SDU, OIC, MI-5, MI-6, MI-7 and even MI-13.
But the most now NZSIS (this is some kind of MI-6 but for NZ). Ok the only reason to have some action in NZ is to have possibility to meet PJ and be some extra in "The Hobbit". Just to stay and looking like tree. Or to be Celebrity Personal Assistant or Nipple Tweaker. Nipples are very important for dwarves too. I can make angry nipples, happy nipples, proud nipples, etc.

I was reading before I was 4yo kid, have natural curiosity and skills for searching everywhere and I'm discreet. :) Once I caught fly by chopsticks. This is very practical.

So if somebody wish to employ me please write on e-mail....I'm making really good tree.

Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark with Jack Davenport

It's like we just can't help ourselves
'Cause we don't know how to back down
We were called out to the streets
We were called in to the towns

And how the heavens, they opened up
Like arms of dazzling gold
With our rain washed histories
Well they do not need to be told

Show me now, show me the arms aloft
Every eye trained on a different star
This magic
This drunken semaphore
And I

We are listening
And we're not blind
This is your life
This is your time

We are listening
And we're not blind
This is your life
This is your time

I was called out in the dark
By a choir of beautiful cheats
And as the kids took back the parks
You and I were left with the streets

Show me now, show me the arms aloft
Every eye trained on a different star
This magic
This drunken semaphore
And I

We are listening
And we're not blind
This is your life
This is your time

czwartek, 15 września 2011

Look what they can do with Your art

Here is very "interesting" site


I wonder if some artists wish to see their art work here.

This one made KF

This is one of YW HERE

And here is one of mine

It is HERE on my blog

and this cut I made myself from SPOOKS promo HERE
You can see it HERE on my blog.

Honestly easier is downloading it from my blog and make e.g. mouse pad in nearest photoprint, than buy it for 12,90$ plus transport.

Here are my mousepads, there are only in one copy. I'm not selling RA image for the profit!


So don't think that I'm overreacted earlier.
This is only one of this kind of sites where they are not sharing only SELLING! Even marked pictures. You can see something like this e.g. on Ebuy.

And there are only two exceptions: things made by our art goddesses, because we know who they are and we know that they are making these things for RA community and things licensed.

I wish to only share, not sell. And I haven't send my arts and cuts on this site. I wrote about deleting my art from this gallery, but I consider that they will not do that.

The only thing I'm requesting is adding that You have my arts from my blog.

And one more thing:


Edit: 23.09.11 At last yesterday they deleted my fanart from this site.

poniedziałek, 12 września 2011

AT LAST!!! I HAVE HOBBIT!!!! His name is...Thorin ;D

Isn't he beautiful? :) "Crassula portulacea f. monstruosa 'Hobbit'" His name is Thorin. I was thinking about name Frodo, Gollum or something, but I like Thorin :) Hobbit Thorin :| this is weird! Or I should call him Peter? Or John?

Awwwwwwww!!! He is so nice :) Not like George full of thorns.





I found him on the floor, under all shelves full of flowers in mall. He was with group of forgotten cacti and other small plants :/ He is a little battered. I have very nice flowerpot :) and I have to find nice place for him :)

Unfair scenes from Strike Back Season 2


I was waiting for something like this in Season 1 :/

Episode 1




Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Season 1: 1 scene (in prison episode 3)
Season 2: more than 7 scenes and this is only to 4 episode. How many scenes have I to watch? Where are real peaches?

But honestly I like season 1 much more :)
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