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3rd Jonia's Cut Blog Anniversary

3rd Jonia's Cut Blog Anniversary

I should write this post 4 days earlier, but I had lack of free time and was at home late. 2013 was big change for me. Moving to new home, so I didn't have time for blogs. Now I'm in the middle of unpacking. I have to buy new wardrobe, but still I have many boxes of my things in my room, which is kitchen too. This is small flat (2 rooms, one is with kitchen, plus toilet and small hall), but very cosy and doesn't cost me much. Specially in situation where my bro has no job and some perspectives with losing mine. I'm at home very late so full unpacking has to wait for some more free time. I'm still using my bro's old laptop and I don't have my fav programs and photos there. So some of my activities stopped. I can't wait for my comp to make something in my graph program, some new banner.

My new home is near bigger mall. First week when I was there was SALE and I found this dude there :) and this is real miracle, because I hadn't seen these toys in shops.

My Little Thorin is still packed and will be standing on very special shelf in my room with RA autograph :) and some DVD's.

Plans for 2014
(not in particular order)

1. To find Dancing Banana photos ;D (still)

2. Making Richard Armitage Wine - Thorin's Boozing (or something like that). All post about it You can find HERE

Photo of wine from today. As You can see wine has much more deeper colour than was couple weeks ago. After weekend I need to check if is sweet enough. :)

3. Jonia's twitter HERE. I need more practice with this thing. So maybe Richard will be helpfull. That was long time ago when I was using it...Year ago.

4. To watch Second and Third part of  "The Hobbit". Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema to watch "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" AT LAST. But not in all this super duper, HD ready, double trouble, 1000 fps. Plain 2D. Last year I was 2 times on the first part in the cinema: first for the effects, second for the plot of the film. Because effects were too good, that I wasn't thinking about the story :)

5. Of course I'm waiting for Gary Morris.

6. I should practicing my english every day. Specially in writting. I miss my forum friends :/ I just discovered prepositions... CREEPY THING!!!

7. REAL CHALLENGE!!! To eat Surströmming. There is possibility to buy it in internet in my country. So I should check if legend is real. What is IT You can read HERE on Wikipedia and watch e.g. HERE on YouTube. I like this movie ;D. And Eating Surströmming "like a boss" HERE. Swedish "Surströmming" on QI with Stephen Fry HERE. Just sense smell of adventure ;D Well we have sauerkraut and pickled cucumber not eatable for others ;D

8. Hope for more extra photos of Richard. I'm waiting for some from Strike Back (I have now one photo not seen before, not very presentable, but I have informations that can be more. I don't know if new, we'll see. Keep looking here for them :)
Now 3 older from The Hobbit part 1 in bigger size (dwarves in 13000, bigger Thorin and Japan poster)

To download HERE.

9. Still wish to have Craig Hawks autograph. I was writting twice past years for it, but my package returned to me unclimed from post office in South Africa. I can tell it can take long time...very long time. Once that was 6 months since sending ;D

10. I have to figure out what is wrong with Photobucket account, or find new solution for my photos because....

11. ....I have many new materials for my second blog 
Richard Armitage Vogue and Style HERE
I should make some new posts there. Complete there some new things.

Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"

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