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Strike Back in Poland March 14th 2011 8.20 p.m. TVP

First Thank You Ania. BIG THANK YOU!
Second.....I'm just sitting and laughing out loud!!! Because I just can't believe in it!
Strike Back in Poland March 14th 2011 8.20 p.m.
in Polish National Television....... This is just unbelievable! Is this some kind of candid camera? Or I'm just in some kind of dream! Waiting for Agent Smith in my Matrix!

They made from it 3 parts and this will be 100% with lector. So we can hear Richard voice, but through second man. Wonder who will be the lector here?

But the best is title translation:  


HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! Contra! 

OMG! RICHARD IN TVP!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! DVD PLEASE!!!! DVD!!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Searching for news in papers :)

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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 13a : Happy Mole Day to You

Beginning is HERE

No 8
Left side - open shirt mole

No 9
Right temple
(only 4 times to see)

 No 10
Left forearm

 Still research on

1. Left cheek near jaw line

 2. Right foot

 And some others :)

False Photos from Hobbit set? - Update

From Garrett Robinson

You can read it HERE or HERE 
Photos HERE

I have been walking past these sets almost every day since I’ve been in Wellington, as you have to pass by them to get to Weta and Park Road Post Production, two locations where I’ve dropped off CVs and business cards. I, like “Mister Anderson,” had assumed the sets were for The Hobbit, and I was planning on talking to the crew working there to see if I could get a job with the set construction guys leading up to the commencement of filming.
However, on Thursday, I saw an actor in costume entering the studios. The actor, who I believe was a child, was very slightly, and could not have been taller than five-foot-two. She had long, Elvish ears, but when I say long, I mean LONG, at least 12 inches long, that swept back and drooped over her shoulders. The ears looked akin to a Night Elf from Warcraft III. Also, her garb was cartoonish, looking almost like a green version of Princess Zelda’s robes. This was not, I repeat NOT, a Tolkien elf. This was my first moment of doubt, and I began to believe that this might not be a Hobbit set after all.
Then, yesterday, while returning from Weta after another visit with my friends in the Cave, I saw the crew breaking down the set and packing it all up into trucks. I asked one of the men (who was throwing C-stands on a truck rack) if they were working on The Hobbit. He said no, this set had been for some video game, but they were breaking it down now. He said that as far as he knew, The Hobbit would probably be shooting some scenes in these studios, but most of the shooting would take place at the Stone Street studios (these studios are in the same area [known as Miramar] but are a several minute walk away). He said that he hoped he and his crew would be working on the film as well, but they wouldn’t be getting that call until closer to the commencement of filming."

Hmmm.....Why my nose told me to no post these photos? I saw set from Star Wars, this one here was really too cartoonish, too small.

Update Filming "Cardinal" Game

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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 13 : Mole hunt

Most important Richard's moles.

No 1
Right side of the neck, 
under jaw line (this one drives me crazy!)

No 2
Right arm

No 3
Above Gnothi Seaution area, left side, 
under the pecs, near six-pack (really hard to catch)

No 4
Left  cheek, very small, 
not possible to see often, because of stubbles.

No 5
Under right armhole, very rare

No 6
Sexy Back Fournity

No 7
Right side - open shirt mole


Nope....definitely this isn't ME!

Part 2 HERE

New Spooks Promo :)

Thank You RichardArmitageNET and Entertainment-focus for new promos.

...I love this mole !

The Chemical Brothers - Burst Generator
from Album We are the Night (2007)


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Richard's lost interview

Lost interview
with shadows and lights
lost in the time you are
searching for answer "why"
I don't need, don't care now
creature from heart is lost
thought from head moved
oblivion surrounding us
maybe You don't need to prove
what was in the soul
only one of the oldest knows
new one doesn't even aware
that You are lost.

Yes...one is missing. One from 2006. Is really hard to have scan now. It is on our hard drives, in our minds,  we read it many times, but now searching for it in internet is hard.

Now it becomes The Legend.

3D vs 4D

Chillout today

Hmmm...  Avatar bits
BTW is this still acting?

Avatar: how they did it from Sunday Times HERE

Bungle Ft. Sqbass - Back to Mars 
from one of the best Drum'n'Bass albums in 2007 
Down to Earth


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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 12 : Possibility that RA-voice-TheRApy can be scientifically proved - Human body as an instrument


In this „Being a fan…” HERE I started talking abort music therapy and that human is a music composition. And talking about music we should talking about human voice too, because we have music instrument too.

We don’t even realized how many sounds can emits our body. We can talk, sing, laugh, burp, but not only. Our stomach can tell us that he is hungry, our blood can sing in the rhythm of our heart. We are very loud.

Just imagine guitar or cello. There are not only strings, but whole instrument: resonance box, neck of instrument, holes in box, type of wood etc. This all has influence on sound from this instrument.

Richard has the most wonderful instrument, because not only vocal cords are important, but our resonance box, like: laryngeal pharynx, nasal pharynx, oral pharynx, sinuses, skull shape, jaw line, teeth, tongue, chest and nose with nasal septum and nostrils.

I hope that Richard has not wish to change his nose, because this can change his wonderful voice, and that will be disaster!

I remember when my mum had new denture for the first time. I was 4-5 years old and in that time all kids wish to have small ski set from toyshop and this one was really hard to buy. But my mum on her way to home from dentist had this luck and she bought it for me. And she gave me it with her new voice. THIS WAS TRAUMATIC FOR ME! For little kid when his mum is talking with different voice. I remember it even now…this ski set and my mum new voice. I was really scared!

This instrument can be toned too.

Do you remember maybe this singer Garou? He was talking in one of his interviews that this isn’t his natural voice. He was practicing it for a long time, and now is really hard for him to talk and sing different, because his instrument is attuned like that. He is breathing in special rhythm, his tongue is moving, his jaws are moving to emit this voice.

I don’t have wish to bother You with details how this all body parts are structured. I just have to talk about some other interesting things.

E.g HERE You can read how larynx is build.
HERE about human voice

Ok so we can continued…

Larynx is source of human voice, this is voice generator, but for voice the most important is resonance.

I have it from polish book of Zygmunt Pawlowski. Title is something like: Foniaric diagnostic of voice performance emission in singing and speech.

So I don’t know about onomastic in this matter in English, but is probably the same.

So about resonance and formants.

Formants are places where basic tones from larynx are strengthen, intensify, amplify, grove stronger. Larynx tones are composed from pure basic tones (do You remember when I was talking about tuning fork? HERE One tuning fork can emits pure basic tone)

Formant F0 – is on level of true vocal fold to 500 Hz

Formant F1 – is in faucial cavity (pharyngeal cavity) and has there frequency 500-800 Hz

Formant F2 – is in oral cavity (mouth, stoma) and has there 1200-1800 Hz

Formant F3 is known as singing formant and it is making in vestibule of the larynx (laryngeal vestibule)

HERE more about this kind of formant

Here from Wiki

Studies of the frequency spectrum of trained singers, especially male singers, indicate a clear formant around 3000 Hz (between 2800 and 3400 Hz) that is absent in speech or in the spectra of untrained singers. It is this increase in energy at 3000 Hz which allows singers to be heard and understood over an orchestra, which peak at much lower frequencies of around 500 Hz. This formant is actively developed through vocal training, for instance through so-called "voce di strega" or witch's voice exercises and is caused by a part of the vocal tract acting as a resonator.

Some of the tones from larynx can be intensify other are not intensify, some are muting.

Ok too much information for one time isn't good, so better stop here.


This is Richard's voice in very basic program, and I marked this peak on 630 Hz. I didn't had time for catching more, but this peak was on 637 Hz and as I said about checking Richard's voice (Sylvester audiobook) in some programs and in one there was for some time amplitude very closer to 
639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships 
"which is very interesting when we talking about....his Fanbase :)"
This peak is almost at the beginning of every phrase. When he is talking like a lady, peak is on something about  250 Hz.
So maybe some of these controversial theories are real ;) But we have to know only where we can search and what we should search.
So maybe having the fanbase is in Richard's voice? And members from his base have wish to connect with each other? As was in one of the interviews (Interview for The Joanna Bostock Show, BBC Radio Leicester, 2nd October 2007) there was something like: "Richard: They form a web community, Jo: Based on You, Richard: They become friends with each other."

 See You next time :)

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Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

I just can't believe in this what's happend. 
I'm really scaried about this all situation in NZ. Not only because there is my fav actor.This is different situation than e.g war time, when people are just stupid to kill each other. This is pure nature, something what we can't predict. New Zealand is such a beautiful place on Earth, but nature is dangerous. I'll pray for all these people there. They need strength.

As Rob Kazinsky said on his Twitter lets share this link and our hearts.


And this is really extraordinary that former Dep Sec of State Richard Armitage is in New Zealand in this moment too.






Ninja Richard Armitage in Hobbiton

INHABITAT Thank You for photo :)

I know that Richard Armitage is tall, shy guy, but Please! We want more next time!!! :)

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The Women's Point of View Part 3 : Warning...A little break

I warned You.
I don't know in which language, but I warned You.
A male, looking nice from back. Making DIY. If You have really vivid imagination..Yes that's right...
But you know...I'll never post here some screens.....Oh yeah these screens....You know what I'm talking about. I'm naughty, but not like that.
Enjoy rest of the evening, day, etc. And Enjoy to be a woman :) We have some rights, right?

BTW this is Playgirl coverboy Julian Fantechi. Not really my type :)

Edit: Oh...and... em....please don't search for his photos.

Do You know what is hilarious in this day?
I had not so very good day and I posted this naked bum on my blog, and in this same time I realized that Servetus posted link to my blog in this post HERE (BTW Thank You for links to wonderful blogs :)  ), so now people are connecting with me for the first time and they are seeing naked bum! and I don’t know if I have to be shame on me or laughing with this all coincidence.

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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 11 : Top 10 Richard Armitage’s existing things which are not showing in the public

Top 10 Richard Armitage’s
existing things
which are
not showing in the public

No 10
Kitchen radio

What...  this is really interesting matter, because people are mostly listen to the radio in car or in kitchen. Wonder what people are thinking when they are buying kitchen radio: small, for a while etc. But this kind of things are staying for a long time in the kitchen. My mum had radio which was more than 20 years old. And we changed it, because radio stations changed frequency. But still it works.
About listen to the radio in kitchen Richard mentioned in his interview from Sunday Times Sept 12th 2010 "If looks could kill".

No 9
Favorite cup

What is on Richard's favourite cup? Maybe something from Tolkien or Star Wars stuff?

More about LOTR HERE

Or maybe something personalised with Richard III.

No 8
Favorite DIY set

Every man has his fav hammer and screwdriver set.
Wonder if this is something like this:

Draper General Tool Kit Roller Cabinet with Hammer Drill and Hand Tools W616xD330xH1080mm

Combined roller cabinet chest with hammer drill & hand tools
Contents: chisel and punch set, circlip pliers set, combination pliers, combined MM/AF Silverdrive socket set, crimping tool, curved jaw self grip pliers, diagonal side cutter, digital automotive analyser, drill and accessory kit, flat file and handle, flexible magnetic pick up tool, flexible shaft inspection mirror, hacksaw frame and blades, half round file and handle, halogen hand lamp, hand riveter kit, feeler gauge set, junior hacksaw and blades, latex gloves (large Pk of 10), long nose pliers & reach pliers set, magnetic parts bowl, measuring tape, mechanic's screwdriver set, metric combination spanner set, multi tool, pry bar set, ratchet torque wrench, round file and handle, rubber mallet, tinman's shear, trimming knife and five spare blades, two adjustable wrenches, mechanic's bit set, Draper TX-STAR tamperproof screwdriver set, waterpump pliers and wire scratch brush.


No 7
Guy’s mustard scarf

Does anybody know what happend with this part of Guy's clothes?


No 6
Richard’s painting

In interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, with Simon Mayo: The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 5 Live, 19th April 2006 Richard mentioned about some paintings. I wonder how they are looking like? Which colors he was using, what is on it: abstraction, portret, landscape, fantasy painting.

No 5
Stanislavsky method book

Which one of these is main favourite for Richard

Or maybe this is different book?

"He says: "I did quite a lot of menial jobs. I was a waiter, an inventory clerk touring round properties listing cups and saucers, and a laserquest marshall.
"I also worked front of house at the theatre, which was like some kind of torture - watching other actors, sometimes not very good actors, doing it. I used to sit there with my Stanislavski 'How to Act' books, ripping tickets.
"But I actually enjoyed front of house. When I came to be on the other side of the curtain you really got a feel for who it is coming to the theatre and the sense of event that is about to happen.
"It changed my opinion on how to prepare for theatre.
"What happened with Sparkhouse was that the role was against type and I thought it was up to me to make sure they couldn't give it to anybody else.
"It was the first time I went into an audition in character. It was a minor role but it was something I really got my teeth into and I realised that not getting work was perhaps to do with me and the way I was approaching it. I couldn't go back.
"I knew that I had to approach everything in the same way.""

No 4
Dancing Banana Photos

Yeah I know I know.....

I mentioned about it HERE

No 3
Hobbit contract

Very top secret.

No 2
Personal scripts from North&South

I have some scripts from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, because they were published and I wonder if this is main version or actors just have some individual versions of script. I know that even when shooting is already started script can be changed. I wonder how scripts are looking like, when actor has it and he made some personal notes on it...specially notes about trainstation kiss scene :)

No 1
Richard's Character diaries

I wonder if they are looking like Indiana Jones Diary full of notes and paintings

What is in diary of Guy?

Dark, nasty, henchman..... lonely wolf.
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