sobota, 26 stycznia 2013

Richard Armitage - I just have to 31 - Jonia's TheRApy - In Blue/Red light

Thank you to Isabelle and RANET for the scan from Femina Magazine HERE with this non posted before photo of Richard by Claire Newman-Williams.


Still fighting with zombie virus. I had bronchitis, but now these viruses are real hell. 3 days with fever, and now I'm very weakened. For 2 weeks I'm at home, but mostly in bed. In monday I have to go to work. I wish you health.

sobota, 5 stycznia 2013

Hobbit 3D 48HFR sickness - urban legend

Hobbit 3D 48HFR sickness - another urban legend.

Probably You red these articles about some sick viewer of Hobbit in NZ Sick and Dizzy in NZ and Feeling sick in NZ

I can tell NO SICKNESS for me after watching it!
This is another urban legend. I have problems with watching movies in 3D, because of my visual defect. I had strange feelings after my first 3D movie "Captain America" and I had feeling, that this is my first and last time with 3D movie. (Tin Tin I was watching in 2D). I had headache and eyes ache. So I was afraid a little about these 3D 48HFR. But I was feeling great after this movie. Probably 3D technology is now better, than year ago. So for me Hobbit 3D 48HFR sickness is another urban legend, which was made by jealous. You can  be sick after plain 3D movie. ;D And please don't believe media people.

środa, 2 stycznia 2013

Richard Armitage in Louis Vuitton Cardigan

Thank You to RichardArmitage Net HERE for scan and photos from Nylon Guys January 2013 issue.
Photoshot by Ben Rayner


Louis Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection Cardigan with removable fur lining H2KN44 K76 631 HERE




Richard Armitage interview for Dzień Dobry TVN

Thanks to Ania from Zrysiowana Blog HERE for this warning that Richard had interview in some polish television too. Aired  Dec 27th 2012 :) On Her blog link to interview with Martin Freeman and some links to polish sites with Hobbit.

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