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FanstRAvaganza 2012 - Game - Richard Armitage game to download, print and cut.

FastRAvaganza 2012 already starting!!!

Today FanstRAvaganza tagteamers are posting!
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Welcome on first Armitageness' Lessons of Fangirling

Day 1 

Game - Richard Armitage game to download, print and cut.

First Class of Games and a bit of homework.

It's always nice to have something printed with Richard, not only pixels on screen. I hope that some of you are having printed calendar ;D Just imagine that You don't have electricity at home (2012 End of the World), but You can still have fun ;D When I was a kid and on vacation in grandma's house sometimes there was rain and not so pleasant days. We didn't have too much things from our home there, only couple of games and books, because bags were very heavy. So we were making our own games from paper.

This is 

Richard Armitage memo game

I used only some of the promo shoots of Richard. You can make Your own with Richard's photos :) And make how many You wish.

Deck: 72 cards (standard deck 52 cards)
Players: 1-5
To collect the most pairs of cards.
Shuffle the cards and lay them on the table, face down, in a pattern (e.g. 4 cards x 13 cards). You can use how many pair of cards You wish.
Play then proceeds clockwise.
On each turn, a player turns over two cards (one at a time) and keeps them if they match. If they successfully match a pair, that player also gets to take another turn.
When a player turns over two cards that do not match, those cards are turned face down again and it becomes the next player’s turn.
Scoring for 1 player:
Time yourself to see how fast you can find all of the matching pairs. Compete with yourself by trying to get a faster time in a second game.
Scoring for 2 and more players:
Players keep each pair they find. At the end of the game, each pair scores one point.
When all the pairs have been found, the player with the most points wins.

Instructions how to make this game:
You have to:
1. Download pictures. They have 1024x768 pixels.
2. You can print it on photo paper or go to the nearest photoprint shop. And make photos 20x30. This is the best size for these pictures. You can make this in size 16x20, that makes square of one card something about 3cmx3cm, but is a little too little :). And remember You should make them on matte photo paper. Matte paper is not vulnerable to being marred by fingerprints. Instructions You can print on plain paper.
3. After print You should cut squares on black lines and voila!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Direct links to download:
Part 1 HERE
Part 2 HERE
Part 3 HERE
Instructions how to play HERE


First Richard Armitage memo game is Yours :)
Have Fun!

16 komentarzy:

Richardsbabe pisze...

Jonia, this is brilliant! Love it, love it, love it! And you know what? I just can´t stop grinning when thinking about me playing this game with my hubby and my parents-in Law! Thank you so much for sharing this!

CDoart pisze...

Oh, wonderful. Lots of RA-images in this game - I can't wait to play it! Thank you, Jonia!!!

Fanny/iz4blue pisze...

OMG OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Memory is my ALL TIME FAVORITE game!! I have a few sets, in my opinion always room for more :) I'll be subjecting "the troops" to more game time :)

bccmee pisze...

Brilliantly done! That looks like a lot fun and it's impressive how much work you put into it. Perhaps Windows 8 will come with Richard Armitage cards for their solitaire game. ;)

Virna pisze...

This is amazing... I don't like really much the memory game, but with this in mind.... maybe I can reconsider the idea....

Ania pisze...

Fantastic idea to use the pictures of RA for this game! I just love it! LOVE IT!!!

Anonimowy pisze...

This is such a fun idea, Jonia! I need to get some colored ink for my printer!!!!

Phoebe pisze...


And you don't have to be literate!

My family will flip when I bring out this game on Sunday!

Anonimowy pisze...

Wow, this is SO cool. I can play it with my nieces this summer and thus use it to secretly convert them to Armitage love :)

Wonderful contribution!

Anonimowy pisze...

I love it. I will have to laminate the cards to be able to play again and again. / Lena

jazzbaby1 pisze...

Love this, Jonia!

Fanny/iz4blue pisze...

Well you jump started another game idea for me while at the dentist thinking about printing out YOUR game LOL Maybe I'll save it for next year :)

Nat at RA FanBlog pisze...

Wow, this is great, Jonia! Such a good idea. Love it! :)

mulubinba pisze...

Fantastic! I'm playing :) Great idea, Jonia!

Gratiana Lovelace pisze...

Hi Jonia!
I love this game even more now that RA's face is plastered all over it! Ha! In the U.S., we also called this game "concentration".
Thanks for creating such a fun RA game.
Cheers! Grati ;->

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello RB, CDoart, Fanny, Bccmee, Virna, Ania, Jasragoon, Phoebe, Servetus, Lena, Jazzbaby, Nat, Mulubinba, Gratiana. Thank You very much for Your visit and comments. I hope that this will be some kind of inspiration for You to have more fun from Your Richard Armitage fandom. And I hope that You'll discovered other games. I love memo/concentration game very much. I'm not familiar with flash, but I consider that some of You can made computer version of this one. And I'll be very gratefull for this. Thank You again :)

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