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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 8: Top 10 nonexistent things with Richard Armitage

Top 10 nonexistent things 
with Richard Armitage


Poster from Star Wars - Richard as sith (Darth North) ..I was thinking about Richard as jedi,
but he is really good when he is playing bad.

(by Jonia)


How to dance tango? Training DVD

(by Jonia)


Hybrid of yellow rose named by Richard Armitage

(by Jonia)


Romantic Comedy with Richard and..... em... em... Daniela? Something like North&South but in XXIc.

(by Jonia)
BTW: girl with the candle holder, this is Miss Latimer ;) vel. actress Lucy Brown.


MensHealth Magazine Cover with Richard

(by Jonia)


Richard Armitage - Best of classic cello concerto

(by Jonia)

Richard Armitage - Weight loss exercise and workout DVD ... in HD

(by Jonia)


RA official web site (Please don't think that I don't like his not official web sites )



(by Jonia)

And Place 1

"North&South" audiobook read by Richard Armitage

(by Jonia)

Wish to post something from these add from where You have them: Jonia's Cut.

8 komentarzy:

wfredrickson pisze...

I love your list and would buy everything but the yellow rose. I have killed too many tea roses in the past.

Phylly3 pisze...

LOL! This is a fabulous list! Love them all but especially #s 7,5,4, and best of all (of course)#1!!!
Hope you don't mind if I Tweet this post -- it is too good not to share! :)

Anonimowy pisze...

Fantastic. LOOOOOVE it. Number one - a dream would come true:)

Fabolaktuko pisze...

Exactly what we all want and hope for! Thanks Jonia!

Love all,but especially #1,5,7and 9.

Great post!

Traxy pisze...

Brilliant list! :D

mulubinba pisze...

Love this!! Great pictures, Jonia.

Anonimowy pisze...

Super list! My fave is number 5ive!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Oh! Thank You for comments and visit :) I don't really realised that somebody is reading this blog. This isn't very literary and sophisticated blog. Not even good in english.
I consider that N&S audiobook will be the best selling in NAXOS.
Thank You :)

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