piątek, 25 lutego 2011

Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 13 : Mole hunt

Most important Richard's moles.

No 1
Right side of the neck, 
under jaw line (this one drives me crazy!)

No 2
Right arm

No 3
Above Gnothi Seaution area, left side, 
under the pecs, near six-pack (really hard to catch)

No 4
Left  cheek, very small, 
not possible to see often, because of stubbles.

No 5
Under right armhole, very rare

No 6
Sexy Back Fournity

No 7
Right side - open shirt mole


Nope....definitely this isn't ME!

Part 2 HERE

2 komentarze:

cesta pisze...

Wow, Jonia - you don't miss much do you? :D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Cesta :), Nice to see You here in this place of doom. ;D

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