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FanstRAvaganza 2012 - Biology - Anathomy of Richard Armitage's feet

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Welcome on sixth Armitageness' Lessons of Fangirling

Day 6

Biology - Anathomy of Richard Armitage's feet

From Wikipedia
"The foot (plural feet) is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion."

From Curing chronic pain HERE
"The human foot contains 3 arches, 20 muscles, 24 ligaments, 26 bones (your two feet together contain one fourth of all the bones in your body!), 33 joints and 7,800 nerves."

RA foot isn't easy to see. The most famous RA feet-scenes are in Between the Sheets (2003). More about this movie You can read HERE on Traxy Blog. The next movie where we can see RA feet is Cold Feet (2003) and promo photos to this movie made by Andy McCartney from 2002. And of course Cleopatra, where RA is in sandals. And in Spooks Season 9 a bit. Wonder if there is a chance to see some feet in The Hobbit, but probably they will be in the prostetics.

There are mainly three types of feet.

Greek type - Foot with the second toe being the longest.
Egyptian type (the statues of the Pharaohs) - Foot with the first toe and even second being the longest.
Square type (The Polynesian foot) - Foot with even length toes.

Types You can see HERE

Richard has Egyptian type (so now wonder that we call Richard - RA ;D ) with tapered toe (line 1 is only for 2 toes - wide toe version makes line on 3 toes). This type of feet can make dancing difficult, because big toe is longer and is more prone to injuries such as bunions. But this is very elegant foot.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

On his photo from FanstRAvaganza Math post HERE Richard's shoes have 31 cm. So his feet can have 29-30 cm which can makes his shoe's size 44-45 (10-10,5 in english numeration), but they can be a bit longer.
PhotobucketThe most comfortable shoes for him are with tip and wide. As we can see RA is really practical dude and takes care of his feet. As we can see on screen from BTS he has not flat foot.

Photobucket Photobucket

Especially long toes may represent a very artistic or talented individual but can also reflect a “head in the clouds” personality, a daydreamer.
And there is one more interesting element on right foot: mole.


Studies on RA feet in progress.

10 komentarzy:

CDoart pisze...

Jonia, your lessons are a surprise and a solid foundation for the education of every fangirl ;o) Thank you for your extensive research and calculations !

gracie pisze...

LOL. Finally, we know about his feet. Egyptian feet and 10.5 shoe size. Great detective work. But can I ask that you investigate whether or not he has ticklish feet.

Richardsbabe pisze...

He has beautiful feet. I specially love his toes, and that mole is adorable. Brilliant research Jonia! You´re a pro in Richard´s anatomy!

mulubinba pisze...

I love this!! I have long toes, and I'm a bit of a dreamer The only question I have is about his shoe size. I would have thought it was bigger than a 10 - 10.5.

Thanks for this great post!

bccmee pisze...

It's great to learn so much about feet in general and RA's in particular. :D Nice job!

Anonimowy pisze...

Excellent study! I can confirm that a large and long big toe can lead to bunions - that plus 1980s/onwards shoes! RA's footwear is very sensible.


Ania pisze...

I love your research Jonia. It's nice to know something more about this special guy :)

Gratiana Lovelace pisze...

Hi Jonia,
I have to admit that I do adore RA's feet. But I've only seen the fuzzy, Cold Feet Promo shots--one of which I am using in Wednesday's post.

So might you share where to find the sharp and in focus foot shots that you have--sans the red markings? Ha!

Cheers Grati ;->

Chana pisze...

Reading this article made me think about my feet and the partial syndactyly that me and my siblings seem to exhibit. I learned that SD1, the type we probably have, is autosomal dominant and that it has a penetrance of less than 100%. I love genetics.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello :) Thank You for comments :)
Earlier I hadn't this kind of twist when I saw male feet ;D
@Mulubinba - I consider that this can be even 11 size, because of his long big toe.

@Gratiana - Big promos of Cold Feet You can find e.g. on RARussiansite in gallery

Hope for better shoots of RA feet in the future :)

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