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Richard Armitage in Star Wars - possibility of voice scene..??? Part 2

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Other Droids in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
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Time 5:30 - Roger, roger
Maybe possible.

Time 10:06 - Yes, Viceroy? ... If they're down here, sir, We'll find them.
Not possible
In script:
If they are down here, sir, we'll find them. We are moving out of the swamp and are marching on the cities. We are meeting no resistance.

Time 20:17 - Viceroy, we have captured the queen.
Very possible.
Not in script.

Time 21:02 - Yes, sir. ...Capitan, take them to Camp 4.
Not possible. Shoot in Italy.
In script: 
Yes, sir!
(turns to his sergeant)
Take them to Camp Four.

Time 23:27 - Halt! ...Where are you taking them? ... Corusant? Uh, that doesn't compute. Uh, wait. You're under arrest.
Very possible, but we have to decided where Richard is in this scene: as droid or as Queen's guard.
In script:
Where are you going?
I'm Ambassador for the Supreme Chancellor, and I'm taking those people to Coruscant.
You're under arrest!

Time 1:15:18 - My troops are in position to begin searching the swamps...for these rumoured underwater villages. They will not stay hidden for long.
Not possible. Shoot in Italy.
In script scene is different:
I am increasing security at all Naboo detention camps.

Time 1:41:51 - Open fire.
Not possible.
In script OOM-9 is not talking anything.

Time 1:43:31 - Roger. Roger.
Not possible.

Time 1:44:00 - Cease fire.
Not possible.
In script OOM-9 is not talking anything.

Time 1:55:30 - Hands up.
Not possible.

As You can see droids were made like this on blue (green screen).


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