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Richard Armitage in Star Wars - possibility of voice scene..??? Part 1

In post about 6 questions to Richard (HERE) I was wondering about voice scene. 

"I got incredibly nervous on the set and delivered my one line very carefully. I wondered why the crew were looking at me strangely, but when I watched the film, I realised my voice was completely computerised. I'm in one of those blooming white outfits with my face covered up."
Mention about Star Wars from His interview for The Independent Richard Armitage: Ladies beware by Sarah Shannon April 19th 2006 

Not sure about word: blooming.

Well I'm still wondering. So.. On one of Richard's "official sites" ;) Is that He was "First Droid, Star Wars (Episode One)". I checked script from STAR WARS : EPISODE 1 : THE PHANTOM MENACE e.g. HERE or on IMDB and there isn't First Droid.

But one of the droids which (who) was named with number 1 was OWO-1 - droids leader, this one with golden top. (BTW...he was killed)

OWO-1 in Wookieepedia HERE

Richard can't be first droid in this movie (TC-14 protocol droid), because this one is talking like a woman and he can't be Astromech (R2), because they are only beeping.

And this is a little confusing, because Script is different than movie. :-/
In Script words of OWO-1 are
OWO-1 : Not sure exactly what...
and this scene is different.

In movie there are: Check it out, Corporal. We'll cover you. Oh. Oh. Blast them.

Watch here 5:25

Any ideas?

Part 2 HERE

2 komentarze:

Traxy pisze...

Well he said he was a fighter pilot, so I would've thought he's just wearing a helmet of some sort.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy. He probably was fighter pilot, Queen's guard and Droid. Well first I checked all scenes with talking fighter pilots. But none of them is looking or talking like RA and he should be marked immediately, by others. And fighter pilots who are talking are at the end in cast. And pilots' voices even through comlink are not so very different, not very computerised, still sounds like human. So I checked other "clue" - droid clue. I really don't know where to search now, because I was watching Star Wars Episode I more than 200 times, before I meet RA's works.

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