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Being a fan of Richard Armitage (I mean supporter not this thing to making air) Part 1

Thank You RANet for promos from SPOOKS season 8.
RichardArmitageNet Gallery

I realized that this cut is fav of many Fankles. Is really hard to describe why is it, to somebody who is not Richard Armitage Real Fan. Is hard to describe to somebody who wasn't real fan to anybody and anything. If somebody isn't sensitive on some details, this is almost impossible. RA real fans are like empaths. We are sensitive on changes at RA face, eyes, mouth, body language, voice. Somebody can say about devotion, but this is more complicated. Why I'm not Gerrard Butler fan? or Johnny Deep? I know that they are great, handsome like 90% of actors today? Still I'm searching answer on that question...Honestly I'll wish to be more fan of Gerry, because he has more photoshots than Richard :) But he hasn't "this something" for me.
I'm windmill from October 2008, from North&South. This was hard to me was on some forum not in my language. But But I've learned so much. Thank You Fankles!

Well I know, We are know that there are some rules in Armitage World. e.g. Talking about private life. I should say: gossiping about private life. Well honestly I really don't need do that. Or only I'm that strange? This is probably because I'm not watching TV. I remember that last time when I was watching TV was after this terrible plane catastrophe with my president (April 2010). Actors, celebs need their privacy. I really don't need talking about another kid in Pitt/Jolie familly, I see how terrible is life of Britney or was life of Michael Jackson. Everything about gossip. I'm happy that Richard made this interview in Sunday Times (magazine), 12th September 2010 If looks could kill. This is one of my fav. Why? Because this isn't gossip, there are facts which we know from Richard himself. I red somewhere that somebody was really angry of this all not gossiping about RA. Hey Dude take Your back side up and do something with Your life. So don't expect that here You'll find "some" photos.

Ok I know that I'm sometimes talking about his peaches or beautiful nose, or these eyes....or I should say beautiful eyes and that nose...???? .... but HELLOOO!!! I'm healthy woman and he is very handsome man. Don't You ever were talking about boys in Your school with Your friend? So I'm really happy that there is bunch of fine women who are talking about this kind of things ;)

I'm working all week to very late hours, and mostly only people who I meet are my co-workers, clients and people in buses...sometimes very smelly. Thats why these late hours on forums or watching something which I really like are very important for my psychical health. TheRApy! I had terrible time in my life with my past work and only thing which was helping me was RA voice. I'm really surprised that I didn't need some pills or psychotherapy. One hour with RA interviews and I was sleeping like a baby. And many of Fankles can say that TheRApy works. But the best is ArteTheRApy. Just take some photo of RA and made something with it: new signature or avi or wallpaper or fan vid.

Thank You to all Richard's Fans who are making these beautiful arts.

Thank You Laura that You dedicated this vid specially for me. 
I can't watch it in my country on YT, but I have my copy :)

Not so arty, but mine :)

So I'm have to come back to my new combo :)

Chemical Brothers : The Pills Won't Help You Now 
from L.P. We Are The Night from 2007

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