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A good example why you shouldn't trust journalists

I hate journalists. Why? Many times I had confirmation that they are lying bastards.
Year by year press is worst. When we are reading something in papers, we believing that informations they have at the first hand. Nothing further from the truth.
This is only one example.

CLICKIE Blog Estrenos de cine by some kind of journalists. And news about which even RA fans are not sure - Where Richard Armitage is in Star Wars

But this pic is very familiar to me


because is from my blog. From HERE THEY DON'T EVEN CHANGED NAME OF THE FILE!
They have access to press agencies' data bases, they can ask agent, even star self. But no! They are using fan blogs for searching about not confirmed informations! How stupid we are that we have any doubts about this news! They are journalists. They are an oracle!

I was searching for a year to have a little, tiny, mini confirmation about that RA was playing in "Use Me as Your Cardigan" play in 2002. You can read it HERE. I spend whole year searching everywhere. And at last I found it on the most incredible site.

They spend only a while to grab informations from other blog.
I don't know how many informations about other stars are on this site, but I can be sure that they are from other fans, other blogs, without source. BTW if they are journalists they have to buy this photo of Rebecca Bradbury.

So do You still believe journalists? Because I still don't believe them.

I was writting about correction 3 letters and comment, but no response. Oh please don't tell me that they don't understand english even a little!

So now la periodista you can kiss my cojones!

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