piątek, 8 czerwca 2012

6 hours to EURO 2012

So... 6 hours to 

EURO 2012
EURO 2012

Poland/Ukraine :) What can I say. I'm not so big fan of football/soccer. But I remember MUNDIAL from 1986 in Mexico. When plays started nobody was on the streets.

Have to say that I like Polish unofficial song Koko Euro Spoko by Jarzębina.. specially in chipmunks version ;D This is my phone tune ;D

Even more than official UEFA
Oceana - Endless Summer

Good things in Poland:
people ...really we aren't so bad like BBC showed it. BTW they miss football league with national representation. Oh... and place where is Czech Republic with Austria on map. Hooligans are in all countries, but BBC should check all materials, to not lose it's objectivity.
What can I say about people... We are hard working for almost slavery wages. Average wage is something about 400 Euro per month without taxes. This is very hard situation. That's why we are not smiling on the streets. If we have not money, we have at least some self-esteem. But we are hospitable. :) First we can teach You all bad words, second - words which are very hard to pronounce like: chrząszcz - it's something like "hshonshchsh" ;D. Third we can show You our wonderfull food. :)
But bad people are in all countries, You have to be carefull.
Oh.. and I'm not feeling offended by Coca Cola commercial with polish worker. :) This is very friendly advert, that Spanish people are undestanding what is familly and they are helping. This is wonderful.

Bad things in Poland
roads - for some time there weren't funny political jokes in Poland. Comedy groups were making all other jokes except political. But now we can laugh about it, about government. Poland full of roads is now one from the most favourite jokes ever!
government - for many years citizens of my country are fighting with absurds of everything. One good thing that EURO guests can go to their countries after EURO. We have to live with it.
Sometimes we have lack of sense of humour, but maybe our unofficial song is some kind of daylight in long long tunnel.

I'm waiting for sale, because I really wish to have EURO towel. Now it's almost 10 euro. But we have now everything even butter with football/soccer ;D

One of our famous clairvoyants: Krzysztof Jackowski said that something will happen in France, in time of EURO, that will be the first pages information. Well see.

5 komentarzy:

Joanna pisze...

Dobrze powiedziane(napisane)Joniu ! Dzięki:)

Ania pisze...

Dzięki Joniu za piękny post!
Swoją drogą fajnie było usłyszeć wzruszony głos pana Szpakowskiego w 17 minucie.

Jonia's cut pisze...

No właściwie to nie jesteśmy tacy źli. Potrafimy kombinować, bo do tego zmusiły nas historyczne okoliczności. Jesteśmy narodem, który potrafi sobie poradzić z kryzysem. No i zawsze możemy zwalić coś na polityków-darmozjadów. Poza tym wszędzie nas pełno ;D Pożyjemy, zobaczymy :)

Traxy pisze...

I'd like to go to Poland at some point. :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy. There is many things to see in Poland, and many things to eat :) And in Poland we are saying "no" as confirmation ;D

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