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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 18 : Richard's blood type

Part 2 HERE

I consider that Richard's blood type is A. Why?

Yes I have studies on this too ;D. Well I'm interesting in this matter, that we have different organisms because of our blood type. Our blood types are result of evolution. First was blood type 0 - people were eating more red meat and hunting, when people started living in concentration and diet had more plants - evolution adapted people to this situation by blood type A - more plants, less meat, more people around. Blood type B is specific for people who living in high mountains or in cold, because people with this blood type (of course there are some exceptions) have better adaptation to cold, they have warm hands and feet even in winter. Blood type AB is called "Enigma". It beginning something about 1000 years ago and only 2-5% all population has it. This one is probably better to adapt body for changing civilisation.

Here is one of sites about Blood type and diet

In couple of words:
Food can cure, be neutral or be poison for organism with specific blood type.
e.g. meat
Blood type 0 - hunter
cure: beef, neutral: chicken, poison: pork
Blood type A - farmer
cure: none (the best is soya), neutral: chicken, poison: all the rest
Blood type B - nomad
cure: lamb, neutral: beef, poison: chicken
Blood type AB - enigma
cure: lamb, neutral: pheasant, poison: chicken

I was on this kind of diet (and have to return to it) for 2 years, after really awful flu, when my organism was like open doors for every illnes. Half year I wasn't able to be healthy, 2 food poisoning, even I didn't know how. So I changed my diet. And I have to say that for 2 years I hadn't even one headache. Even now this is realy rare, mostly when I'm tired. At last my organism is able to fight with flu. I wasn't very precise in this diet, but it was worthy.

Ok so some facts about Richard that he can have blood type A

1. Clearing his throat, when He is saying something and drinking water.

Blood type A has more mucus that other blood types, because this blood type has less gastric acid (for diet with more plants than meat) and all gastrointestinal tract is "sluggish". The best for it is half glass of warm water with juice from half of lemon at morning.

2. His food: porridge with fruit and no meat for breakfast.

(from interview Sunday Times (magazine), 12th September 2010 If looks could kill on Annette's site HERE)

This is really good food for somebody with blood type A, because for somebody with blood type 0 this is only snack (type 0 needs meat, meat makes type 0 metabolism pumping). If he isn't hungry after this food, so this is perfect example for type A. Why he didn't say: eggs with bacon or something?

3. Weight

Blood type A has problems with weight, this type has to have some kind of diet and exercises to stay fit in this kind of times. The metabolism is slower than type 0. Mostly people with 0 are skinny and can easier be more skinny (I consider that Christan Bale is blood type 0)
As we can see RA can gain weight and has some muscle for longer time (Strike Back, than Spooks). And some kind of starvation for type A is very big stress for organism. So probably this attack of psoriasis before shooting "Spooks" Season 7 was some kind of massive stress reaction from organism, not only that this was shooting of Spooks. You can read it HERE on Annette's site. Type A has higher stress level than other types, because this is some kind of defensive reaction when people started living in massive concentration, and is harder to go down. Type A has higher level of cortisol in blood. You can read about cortisol e.g. HERE. The best way to be less stressed for A is to lay down on back (Alexander technique see HERE)


But of course I can be wrong :) He can be type 0
1. Psoriasis is most popular when is type 0 (if too much milk and wheat)
2. Bite by mosquitos e.g see interview for Robin Hood September 2007. In this interview He is saying that he was more beaten by mosquitos than other members of Robin Hood. Mosquitos really like blood type 0. But I'm type A and I was bitten many many times.

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Traxy pisze...

Interesting analysis. I've also read D'Adamo's book and it was really funny once when a homeopathist said I should try to avoid certain things, and it was exactly the same things as the book said to avoid because of my blood type (A, as it happens)! And that man had NO IDEA what blood type I was! Which was kinda cool. :) Hubby isn't A and he's really into eating meat - I'm perfectly happy without it, really. Different strokes for different folks, as they say!

Never thought about what RA might have as a blood type, but now you've speculated very well so we don't have to. :)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy :)
Thank You for visit and comment.
I hope that Your visit in homeopathist wasn't because You had headaches. This is the most popular for type A, because of too much mucus in head.
I can be of course wrong, because he can be B and AB too :).
I know couple of Type 0 and they are only eating and stay fit. But being Type A is cool too :) because we can eat cheaper ;D things like barley or porridge. And in time of crisis this is wonderful economical blood type ;D

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