poniedziałek, 12 września 2011

AT LAST!!! I HAVE HOBBIT!!!! His name is...Thorin ;D

Isn't he beautiful? :) "Crassula portulacea f. monstruosa 'Hobbit'" His name is Thorin. I was thinking about name Frodo, Gollum or something, but I like Thorin :) Hobbit Thorin :| this is weird! Or I should call him Peter? Or John?

Awwwwwwww!!! He is so nice :) Not like George full of thorns.





I found him on the floor, under all shelves full of flowers in mall. He was with group of forgotten cacti and other small plants :/ He is a little battered. I have very nice flowerpot :) and I have to find nice place for him :)

2 komentarze:

Traxy pisze...

Funny thing is, my first thought was "ooh, that looks like a Mimbulus Mimbletonia! :D" Can you be TOO nerdy?

Anyway. Looks like a great plant. Good luck with him! :)

Jonia's cut pisze...


there is something in it Traxy ;D
Never too nerdy :)

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