czwartek, 29 września 2011

Different view on Nokia phone

I just was reading that Nokia is closing factory and has troubles etc. And everybody is saying that these phones are one big s**t.
Well I have Nokia phone. Not because I like it, just because I have to.
No. This isn't lack of money reason.
I'm in this percent of people who are not able using modern mobile phones, specially flat phones. My head is like antenna. I remember couple years ago, my bro had new phone some flat Motorola (this was time when flat phones were first time in sale), this was only once when I had in hands his mobile. I stop seeing in right eye, had terrible headache, and respiratory distress. When I'm sitting in bus next to person who is using mobile phone, and if I'm touching them e.g by my elbow, I have similar symptoms. For 8 years (2000 - 2008) I was using only one phone Siemens C35i (this one is cult, legendary), and I had to buy new one, because was really hard to buy new battery. But this one is still wonderful working and in very good condition.
Now I have my second since 2008 - Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and this model is from 2006.


Of course I wish to have more than 2 GB memory for my fav music, but this isn't the most important in this phone.
I was searching for new phone in 2008 for 3 months and at last I found this one because only using this one my brain is not cooking and the best is that I can listen to the music on it without health problems. Earlier I was using mp3 players.

(of course who can be on wallie ;D )

Now I have some problems with buying new cover on it, because they stop making it, but adhesive tape is working ;D And probably I have to start thinking about buying new phone :/ , but it has to have something about 20 mm in thickness. And this time it can be different phone company.

Please be careful when You are using Your flat phones, iPhones, smartphones etc. They are really dangerous. Don't cook Your brain too much. You can use earphone set to reduce risk.
And the most important: changing Your moblie every half year isn't ecological, eco-friendly.

So next time when somebody is talking about s**ty Nokia, just think about different priorities when people are buying mobile phone.

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Traxy pisze...

You're right. I had my Nokia 3210 for several years, and then, when I moved to England ... well, I just use my husband's old mobiles! He gets a new one for free every 18 months or so (if he wants) because of the contract he's on, so when he gets a new one, I get his old one. That way, the old one still gets used instead of just discarded.

Do you find it easier to use if you use a plug-in headset with the phone? I'm concerned about radiation too, so I tend to keep my phone in my backpack and I rarely make any calls on it. It's good to have if you need it, but normally, you don't, really. Like an old comedy thing in Sweden said in the early 1990s, "I've never been out on town and felt like now I would really like to phone someone".

That being said, the latest upgrade has Android apps. I like those. But that just means my phone is now finally USEFUL for more than texting/calling. Can has internets on the go now. :B

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy :)

When I was buying my phone in 2008 I was testing phones by put them to my ear and head. Thats why this taked so long to buy phone. Only this one I can hold closer to my head. I feel after this a little disconfort, but only this. Normaly I have my earphones for listen to the music, and I can talk by using them. But when I haven't them I have confidence that I'm able to put phone to my head, without harder consequences.
Well he/it has some excesses sometimes, but we are able to live together :)

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