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TV HUNKS: The sexiest men on television!!! Richard Armitage on 4th place!!!

TV HUNKS: The sexiest men on television (by Deirdre Reynolds Monday Jun 20 2011)!!! Richard Armitage on 4 place!!!

1. Andrew Lincoln
2. George Lamb (George who?)
3. Emmett Scanlan (Emmett who?)
"4 Richard Armitage Lucas North/John Bateman -- Spooks

Real men wear tights -- in which case, Richard Armitage is all Y chromosome. Squeezing his frame into hosiery in period drama North and South, the 39-year-old caused the BBC's message board to collapse under the weight of a collective swoon.

However, it's his latest role as M15 agent Lucas North/John Bateman in Spooks that's mobilised what one neglected husband dubbed the 'Armitage Army'.

The handsome star admits he's bombarded with underwear and saucy snaps from feverish female fans. But he's a perfect gentleman.

"I don't put it about," says single Armitage, who beat Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig to win the Romantic Novelists' Sexiest Thing on Two Legs award. "I don't think actors need to go on pedestals."

Next up, he'll feature as a Nazi spy in Captain America: The First Avenger and add to the man-candy count of The Hobbit films alongside Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood."

5. Jamie Campbell (too young!)


6 komentarzy:

phylly3 pisze...

Seriously? Andrew Lincoln? Nah!!
And I've never heard of those other dudes. Richard is always #1 with me!!
Thanks for the post, Jonia.

Musa pisze...

Thanks Jonia!

No contest, Richard is #1!

Joanna pisze...

O.K I try to be objetive,they are good looking guys:)
Eeeeeee....uhmmmmm...Ican't stand it......
Richaaaard I loveeee youuuuu!!!

RAFrenzy pisze...

Ditto what Phylly said! LOL!

Ania pisze...

No doubt, Richard is #1

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Phylly, Musa, Joanna, Frenzy and Ania. Of course he is Number 1. without doubt. ;D

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