niedziela, 11 września 2011

10 years after

I remember that day very good.
I came back to home from my University after 2 p.m. in my Country. I made my lunch and I was watching TV. In that time of my life I was watching every news program, reading newspapers, teletext with news, news from other countries. (Now I hate journalists, news reporters. They are every year worst, using news pulp, not even checking if something is true.)
And now breaking news from NY, couple minutes before 3 p.m. about plane crash. After 10 minutes on my eyes second plane hit second tower. In my head was: so this is real time when new order of this world started. Only they used some kind of more powerful sign. People died because they wish to rule the world by fear and war. Another string for us marionettes.
I was watching like George Bush has been informed about attack. I consider that he made everything what he could to not show, that is something wrong. I don't like him, but I think that he made good decision, maybe thinking about this kids. And after hour towers colapsed. I remember that all people were grey, dust, tears. I wasn't sleeping all night.

Like Orwell said "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
Many of experts are saying that some of elements of this puzzle not fit. There are many of movies with opinions e.g. AIA AIA said that colapsing of all buildings was looking like controled demolition. Many movies with WTC, but none of them from Pentagon. Where is plane from Pentagon? Just search for "pentagon strike" in Google.

Politicians lying to us every day. Did You know about Operation Northwoods? Is very interesting to read e.g. HERE on plain Wikipedia
Don't believe them and don't believe news reporters. Most famous: BBC reporter Jane Standley was telling about colapsing tower WTC 7 when this building was behind her. Same was on FOX TV.

Don't believe a single word from their "sweet farting"! This is the biggest lie of XXI c.

Many of New Yorkers lost familly and friends. People all over the World were with them in that time and many are 10 years after. Take care and don't be afraid.


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Traxy pisze...

Look up Zeitgeist: Addendum. You can watch it for free online. Think you'll find it interesting ... :)

(For that matter, the original Zeitgeist is also very interesting. Haven't seen the third one yet.)

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy :) Thank You for this tip about mechanism of control like money. We are plague for ourselves. Society of killers.

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