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Richard Armitage in his Fankles dreams

I'm always thinking about my dreams not like it is in plain dream-books e.g. eating fish - for woman: easy childbirth, for man: lucky with woman etc. But as some kind of mirror of our inside life, our mind, our soul. This what we are feeling is in our dreams. And all of us has own dream-book. Well some of us like cats, some not. So this animal can have different meanings for different persons.
I really like to read Fankles dreams about RA ;D

I had something about 3 dreams about Richard.
First was almost at the beginning when I was looking about some other Richard's works than N&S (Nov 11th 2008) and I meet Guy. In my dream He tortured me. He had a bowl full of porridge, and big spoon in hand. I was bound to the chair and I had chicken in my mind. I really wanted eat chicken! But no chance!

I remember that in one dream this was really weird. Like I was dreaming in dream. I was in mountains in some kind of health resort. I was outside, was snow, but sun was shining and was really beautiful day. And I saw RA sitting and smiling to somebody. And he was in really beautiful warm blue jumper. And than I felt like I have to go back, but the only way to wake up was to go sleep. I was feeling like I'm in deep water and I'll have to drown. And I drowned. Water was around me, and than I was feeling like I'm sleeping again. And after that I don't remember anything.

But the most traumatic dream I had in May 3rd 2010 THAT WAS NIGHTMARE!!!!
I was on big post office, where were so many packages and letters that they were in big heaps everywhere and were rails for post trains. And I was waiting for my autographed letter...and..I find in some big mountain of letters my envelope with my address and....and...and.... it was open from both sides!!!!!!!!! and EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I was searching and searching!!! And asking everybody where it can be!!! OMG!!! NO MORE THIS KIND OF DREAMS!!!!

I had few dreams with other famous persons.
I had dream with .....Michael Fassbender. It was really nice dream, he was making something in the garden with flowerbed, in jeans and dirty dark blue t-shirt, and I was watching him through window. And now I'm feeling guilty.
In one I was seeing Gary Busey peeing near house with roof on fire and them crowd of dancing people with Michael Jackson on the front.

What is interpretation of a dream with famous people?
This kind of dream is dream about mythical ideal. We have to look on virtues of this Star from our dream. Is this someone: charming, sexy, funny, has good heart? Now we have to think about our behaviour in company of this person. Has attitude of star some kind of effect on our behaviour? Mostly we are dreaming about virtues of this person. And we really wish to have them. Freud didn't analyse meaning of famous persons in our dreams only meaning of situation.

This is really interesting site about dreams from e.g. Jung part.
Famous (People) - what you would like to be; what part of the famous person represents a part of you? It could be good or bad.
So this is all about personality, virtues, character which we have and we don't know about them yet or we wish to have. And famous person can have them or not.

Dream On - The Chemical Brothers

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