czwartek, 6 października 2011

F*CK!... I think that I'm in love

Not again. No...this is not good. I'm too old for this. :/ I need therapy. I haven't luck in this s*it. I was probably cursed in one of my past lifes.

I meet him by incident. I haven't speak with him properly yet. He is..well.. at the first people can't notice that he is handsome. Women probably don't notice him at all. He is different. Not handsome like Richard or Pitt or Depp. He is just a dude. ...He is like Margaret Hale. Simple. Em... Simple in look but not simple-minded. He hasn't car, has old mobile, mostly he has jeans, t-shirt and jacket, not some expensive marks. He is riding the bus. He is hard working, even manual labour, he is conscientious, never late to work, focused, concentrated. Not like me. He is not smoking, not drinking, nice smelling. His hair when is a little longer is a bit currly. But I'm not his dream girl and never will be. I'm, a little older, so NO NO NO I'll never speak to him first, even If I'm brave enough to turn some kind of wanker out of bus.
Today when I saw him again, I was almost out of my pants. Dude not wanker of course. My grandma was 5 years older than granddad and my mum was 3 years older than dad. I don't want this family tradition.


Prodigy - No Good 

4 komentarze:

Riv pisze...

Embrace it, Jonia!!! ;D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Oh Riv :/ This is not easy. Always is some "if..." :/

Jo pisze...

don't panic honey, time will tell- for now just smile casually and say hi as you pass by- souls that ar meant to connect will connect you can't stop the cosmos- besides younger man means he'll live longer at your side. I'm older than mine.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Jo :). Thank You for visit and comment. I'll be easier if I'll be younger, prettier, more attractive, thiner or have bigger boobs at least. But I'm not :/ and it's takes time to know me better, because people can see me as boasting or someting, but I'm only shy as hell and not talking too much or mumbling strange things when I'm nervous. And He is shy as hell too, and at friday I saw like he is avoid me. :/ So I consider that even cosmos can't help. So probably I have to hide in my spinster jumper again.

I wish You wonderful and happy life :)

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