czwartek, 15 września 2011

Look what they can do with Your art

Here is very "interesting" site


I wonder if some artists wish to see their art work here.

This one made KF

This is one of YW HERE

And here is one of mine

It is HERE on my blog

and this cut I made myself from SPOOKS promo HERE
You can see it HERE on my blog.

Honestly easier is downloading it from my blog and make e.g. mouse pad in nearest photoprint, than buy it for 12,90$ plus transport.

Here are my mousepads, there are only in one copy. I'm not selling RA image for the profit!


So don't think that I'm overreacted earlier.
This is only one of this kind of sites where they are not sharing only SELLING! Even marked pictures. You can see something like this e.g. on Ebuy.

And there are only two exceptions: things made by our art goddesses, because we know who they are and we know that they are making these things for RA community and things licensed.

I wish to only share, not sell. And I haven't send my arts and cuts on this site. I wrote about deleting my art from this gallery, but I consider that they will not do that.

The only thing I'm requesting is adding that You have my arts from my blog.

And one more thing:


Edit: 23.09.11 At last yesterday they deleted my fanart from this site.

5 komentarzy:

phylly3 pisze...

Gee Jonia, that is really terrible that someone is trying to profit from other people's work! Thanks for pointing this out.

Ali pisze...

There is a wallpaper of mine, Kiteflier's and Angelfish's on that site. We've complained and hope that it will be removed soon. Thank you for alerting us to this Jonia.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Phylly and Ali.

Yes I recognise Your work Ali and Angela's (e.g. these with B/W Lucas with red background)and this deviantart by Bexi,

Yes this is terrible. They even mistake RA with Clive Standen and Daniel Radcliffe.

So I consider that not only me pissed off :/

Ali pisze...

I'm happy to say they have removed all the wallpapers that I asked of them. The remaining pictures are publicity shots and scans of articles - making a profit from images that don't belong to them is pretty low, but that's their business and not much we can do about that.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Yes I saw it yesterday. Is great, that at least they did it and is contact with them. But they still are using my fanart.

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