środa, 28 września 2011

The only one Monet in Poland - La plage à Pourville

I'm just watching "The Impressionists" and giggling almost all the time :)

My fav is this one ;D

In Poland is only one Monet's painting:

"La plage à Pourville, soleil couchant"
"Beach in Pourville"

Painted (Oil on canvas) in 1882 when Monet was in Pourville-sur-Mer.
Bought by the National Museum in Poznań in 1906


National Museum in Poznan
main site HERE

And was stolen by some kind of "paintings lover" in september 2000. Recovered in January 2010. He had this painting in his home for all this time!!! You can read it HERE.

So this art is really addictive ;D

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