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Peaches on my plate and other bits

PhotobucketThis weekend peaches. :) I really shouldn't drink... after 1 can (500 ml) of beer, I was taking silly photos, writing stupid things in internet, thanks that I'm not on ebuy or other auctions, probably I will order something and after that don't remember what was it. And at the end I'm always sleepy. This isn't good, because I'm working on some gif, first time I'm making something like this and I need time, so sleeping in the middle of this work isn't good. But Pilsner Urquel is really wonderful :)!
In past night had beautiful dream, I was at news stand, meet there very nice lady, we were talking about books and how to make good photo and I just saw that Recognise is in my country for very long time, and she was so nice, she promised me 3 copies of next issue. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, but this was only dream! :/

I can't wait for this Magazine. I even ordering my own copy ;D . A little gift for my birthday :) I just recieved information from system that someone will contact with me :)

How to order HERE

"If you are outside of the UK and would like your magazine to be track-able, please email within 24 hours of processing your order, with your transaction reference to have this arranged."


Looking at this photo I had in my head 6 things:

4. CALM DOWN!!!!!

Well I don't know about colour of this shirt, but if is red this reminds me about Kraftwerk, even if they hadn't beards on this cover.

Photobucket Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketCouple weeks ago I ended Venetia by Heyer in polish Decyzja. And after that my first thought was: "Strange book. So that's why I didn't understand so much from Richard's audiobook, because there isn't too much action. Much more here some kind of nuances." Interesting picture of morality in that time.

I bought another one from Heyers: Przyzwoitka - Lady of Quality and red couple of pages :) Really interesting :)

PhotobucketAnd at last I bought biography of Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall. This is 1980 edition. And this book is only to buy in second-hand bookshops or in internet. As I remember I red this one before when I was in primary school. This one was in my school library. In old education system in Poland we had 8 classes in primary school. And we were going to school, when we were 7 y.o. I red this in 7 class so I was 14. But don't remember so much.

Talking about books there are only 3 which I wanted to read again after ending. Just open book and start reading again: "Hobbit", "Jane Eyre" and "I,Jedi"

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketIn saturday I bought my new McKinleys. HERE is site. I'm loyal customer to this brand, because I have 4 shoes from McKinley and they didn't let me down. And they are really not expensive and durable. In every par of them I was walking more than one year continuously (in winter I have McKinleys for winter time ;D) If You don't have too much money You should buy something for longer time. This new one are in grey-blue ;) color. BTW. insole board is made from 70% of recycled things. (80% plastic bottles, 20% other post-industrial material) SEE NATURETEX - COSMOFABRIC HERE And they are in 100% recyclable.

Some news from Internet:

Hugh Jackman Official Facebook site HERE
Rachel Weisz marries James Bond star Daniel HERE

Not really my music, but last time in my head :)

P.S. Oh and in monday there will be some kind of asteroids very close to the Earth, and we should pray that this has not will to change trajectory ;D

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