sobota, 18 czerwca 2011

NASA knows something about real danger

"A major initiative has been placed on Family/Personal Preparedness for all NASA personnel. The NASA Family/Personal Preparedness Program is designed to provide awareness, resources, and tools to the NASA Family (civil servants and contractors) to prepare for an emergency situation. The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA’s mission are our employees’ and their families. We are taking the steps to prepare our workforce, but it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and your families for emergencies."

HERE on NASA site. This information is from June 2011.

“be prepared”?

What's going on!? If NASA informing about something like this on official site, situation on Earth is in real danger!

Memo to NASA Employees HERE

Don't worry. Meaning of life is 42.

P.S. I wasn't drinking yet.

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Traxy pisze...

I work for a company who deals with crisis management and emergency training. No need to put the conspiracy glasses on just yet. ;)

It's a memo to NASA employees to inform them that they're getting their emergency management skills straight. I think it's great that NASA have decided to step up in this area. In fact, all companies should, regardless of the business they're in.

Preparing for a crisis before it happens means you're equipped to deal with a crisis or emergency scenario should it ever happen. That's why you have fire drills - to make sure an evacuation would go smoothly in the event of a real fire.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Traxy :) But this is really interesting, specially when we are waiting for geomagnetic storm ;D

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