czwartek, 23 czerwca 2011

Feeling like a woman again and Pilsner Urquell Jonia's Challenge Part 3

Poll closed:
Bottle 330 ml - 5 votes
Can 500 ml - 2 votes
All 830 ml - 3 votes

Yes I was drinking one bottle (Bottle - 330 ml) of Pilsner Urquell beer - result SLEEPY. ;D So I wasn't able to post anything at saturday's evening ;D
But this was at last very special occasion :) In Sunday I bought new microwave. After 16 years of using my old one had one failure and everything was stinking like plastic. ;D

New one is Samsung GE89AST with Crusty Plate wonderful for frites, pizza etc. "Food remains crispier from the outside & juicier on the inside." My bro loves it ;D. Well I red that she can blow up too, but no matter now. I have some experience ;D. And me and my bro were drinking beer to welcome microwave in our house :) Bottle for me, can for my bro. I'm not drinking beer, but I should say that this beer is better than Heineken. Kill me now. But this is my opinion after drinking these two beers. Pilsner is really easier to drink, wonderful in bitter taste even for those who likes mostly sweet things. And not so em... overwhelming but in oppressive way like is Heineken. Really wonderful Czech beer :)


Today bosses gave us some extra money for vacation, and I said that today I have to do something womanly. So I went on some shopping ;D first time from long time (of course in some reasonable conditions :/ ;D ). And I bought some womanly things ;D

3 pars of silver earrings.. on sale with big -20% discount


I discover one Art galery with handicraft things. Owner is young woman with dreams in head who has to live in not very helpful reality. Everything there is made by her. So I just stayed there for a moment and was looking for something interesting like this pendant. Wonderful even to very elegant dress.


or these jewelery for my blue dresses :)


At the end I saw these earrings made in decoupage method and I discover at home that my ears are strange ;D For a second I was feeling like 16 again....wait! .... what I was doing when I was 16? ...Probably I was playing in Mortal Combat. Nope.. this is bad comparison. Better is to say "feeling like teenager again"....wait!...what I was doing when I was teenager? ...Probably I was playing in Mortal Combat. ;D This is result of breeding with older bro ;D


And at last I had time to go to a second-hand bookshop and I have now another edition of "Hobbit" from 2003, translated by Andrzej Polkowski. I wasn't reading this translation yet, but is very similar to translation of Skibniewska. This is the newest translation. :)


But now I have 2 cans of beer and I should check result tomorrow :)

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bccmee pisze...

I'm interested in the results of your experiment! I don't like beer, but I have blogged with a few drinks in me, LOL!

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