sobota, 4 czerwca 2011

Hobbit Press Conference Richard Armitage - HQ photos from Jonia

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!
I FOUND THEM BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

Download (Because PhotoBucket is resizing big photos itself)

Photo 1 HERE

Photo 2 HERE

Photo 3 HERE

SWEET!!! Gosh how I miss this beard!

5 komentarzy:

bccmee pisze...

Nice work, Jonia! By the way, imageshack has an option to keep photos their full size. :)

I snaffled all 3 of course!

Lady Rose pisze...

GAAAAAAAHHHH! He is soooo sososos adorably hot! xD
I love his beard. Nice job, Jonia! :D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Bccmee and Lady Rose :)
@Bccmee I was thinking about Imageshack, but in past I had some photos deleted or missed from ImageShack, because they hadn't not so very complicated names, and if on one server there are some photos with this same name from different members, some of them can be deleted. In my ImageShack I have 3-4 photos from somebody.
But on Media Fire there are two links to post one of them is to download, second is to photo and download :)

Ania pisze...

Jonia! Thank you sooo much!

Joanna pisze...

Big stupid smile on my face:)

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