sobota, 11 czerwca 2011

Pilsner Urquell Jonia's Challenge or Girl Just Wants to Have Fun

I survived! Couple past months were like ....... song of Rick Astley mixed with Nine Inch Nails music.

Well maybe it pass, but something is wrong.
But I survived! Not only 100 kids, but almost explosion of my microwave in one week and others strange situations!
After kids my body was in some kind of shock for 3 days. This shock ended, because after that I was in shock after problems with microwave. This one is 16 Years old, and is/was wonderful big, and with grill etc... ??? ??? It hadn't even one failure.... well I have to say it had only one. ;D
You can just lay me down everywhere: on bent, on the street, on carpet...5 minutes and I'm sleeping. For this all week I hadn't naps..1 hour nap changed in 5 hour sleep... many times.

And now my mind is like big wasteland, there isn't even Smaug. Why I'm working like that? This isn't even "rat race", because in "rat race" You have perspective for bigger money. Now I have 0% for better payment. I earn something about 450 euro. Not per hour or week. This is per month. And this is full time job. I'm at home very late and I don't have possibility for better work or for second work. Maybe at night. I just can't go to my boss and ask for more. Because he has not possibility to give me more. People in my country are living like that. So that's why we have this kind of sense of humour...mostly sarcastic.

So I just need some fun. Not in this weekend, because I can't wake up yet. But next :)
And I just want to do something what is for my organism like driving very fast car on polish roads year before Euro.... other words... be dwarf in barrel for more than one day.

Or I just have to be drunk or stoned. What is very easy for me, because I'm not drinking alcohol at all. Last time it was... at my last birthday ?? geezzz I wasn't even drinking alcohol on New Year's Day! ..So what I was drinking then? Oh I juice......... Like one lady in my past work said: You are not drinking, not smoking... so why You are living!?

But now I just have something extra to celebrate :) end of this monkey's work


And now You can decide in poll how many fun I can have. You can vote to next saturday to 4 p.m.

1. Bottle - 330 ml


2. Can - 500 ml


3. All - 850 ml

If I can do this, let's make this with style. After drinking I'll write a post without correction. About what I don't know. Maybe I'll be so drunk to even touch a keyboard on my table.

Don't expect me to do something like this


Well drinking beer is healther than start smoking.


Maybe for You drinking beer is normal. I'm feeling like a virgin on this field. On smoking I'm like nun.


But now I just want to have some fun ;D

3 komentarze:

Ania pisze...

Jonia dear.
Have fun :-)
Big hug ♥

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Ania :* I just need that :)

phylly3 pisze...

Aww! I wish you will have a job you love that pays you well! :) Have fun but be safe!

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