czwartek, 16 czerwca 2011

Oh come on guys! - Pilsner Urquell Jonia's Challenge Part 2

There only 3 days left for voting in Pilsner Urquell Jonia's Challenge, but what are You doing!?
4 votes for bottle? Bottle? Bottle 330 ml???? Who can be drunk after this? Ok I can, but I'm really disappointed. So You have for me only this little fun? on weekend? I wish to be drunk and lay down under  the table!
Sometimes I wish to be like that whole summer, not because I like drinking, but because I don't like summer. Not because of singing birds ar 4 a.m., not because I can eat peaches whole day, not because I have vacation, but I have bad karma in summer. The most worst things happend to me. I have always peace of sh*t. Year by year and in this week I can see that nothing's changed.
I wish to have good (fal)start of summer this year. I wish to be drunk and don't remember what toilet bowl is doing in my bed and I'm all in whipped cream with matchsticks in my hair and why my balcony is full of my CDs.


2 komentarze:

Ania pisze...

OK, I voted. I wish you great fun but be careful ;-)
it seems that we are in the same club because I don't like summer just for different reasons than yours

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Ania :) Well be careful...em how can I be careful with 330 ml bottle of beer? ;D

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