czwartek, 30 czerwca 2011

Don't leave us Jonathan!

This is really heart breaking!

JRM in hospital HERE

Depression isn't like plain cold. :/ There is month to his 34 birthday (July 27th).



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Jo pisze...

Oh My! he has such wonderful talent! Depression is very debilitating- I know first hand- I tried the suicide trip thank goodness they sved me cause alot of lives would not be here if I succeeded back then- Wish I could talk to him and tell him that things do get better- you just have to be patient- I suffered for 15 years- and on & off since then- I hope he geys help.

Anonimowy pisze...


Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Jo and Alfie, Thank You for Your comments. I hope to see him in many many movies. Big Hug for You.

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