sobota, 11 czerwca 2011

Oh! NZ and SA on my plate! and other bits :) Part 2

New wonderful fruits on my plate :) This time different apples from New Zealand and pears from South Africa ;D

Fruit Sticker 4103: Apples, Braeburn from New Zealand HERE

Fruit Sticker 4418: Pears, Forelle/Corella South Africa HERE


New pots for George and Georgina plus new garden gloves and new little spade in flowers ;D


Little bit from Spooks promo photo Season 9 Episode 4. Clickie.


And BAFTA 09 little gif :) 1 MB


When I saw this photo I was wondering why I'm not Gerry fan. e.g. My moles studies will be easier... Well 300 Movie this guy was in 100% of time half naked. He is nice, funny, handsome... but I'm not in his team. Sorry Gerry, but wish You everything the best :)


Have a nice day :)

1 komentarz:

Joanna pisze...

For me Gerry is like open book:D
I preffer more enigmatic men:)

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