niedziela, 26 czerwca 2011

Captain America - Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger in gifs by Jonia

First time I was making something like this :) in a little out-work method ;D



Thank You to Rudie for finding this vid on Yahoo! :)

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Anonimowy pisze...

Love the way you have put the gifs together - it looks SOOO good.

And RA facial expressions in the last gif - 5*

DEZMOND pisze...

I'd like some Heinz on my sandwich, yes please.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Maria, Alfie, Dezz :)

@Alfie I don't know how is universal tehnique for making these gifs, I made them a little in slow way.

phylly3 pisze...

You are so good at this! I love the last one best. :)

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