niedziela, 12 czerwca 2011

Particular peculiarity

On my wasteland I discover at last my Id and couple of thoughts around. You probably know this Freud's idea about id, ego and superego?
The id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the ego is the organised, realistic part; and the super-ego plays the critical and moralising role.

So my Id at last is there and Id wants sleep, eat and pee. But my Id is thinking after this last post on my blog with Pilsner Urquell Challenge: "ok maybe I'm not smoking and drinking, so maybe I was design for something other like e(id).g..... sex."
"No no no my Dear!, for sex I was design" - oh here is my Ego - "Dear Id You can help me, we have to only choose what kind of sexual freak we wish to be. Ok?"

"Oh yes, yes, please!"

"I have list of this what can be fun. Ok so we can be:

ablutophil - in water


acousticophil - when You are hearing Your fav song, music and other sounds etc.


"Oh I love "Sylvester" too. Me are really sleepy after that and relaxited" - Id was jumping.

endytophil - when partner is fully clothed


frotteurism - about friction


stigmatophil - body piercings and tattoos


mechanophil - attraction to cars and other vehicles


podophil - feet


trichophil - hair




"crap.. again this gaoler.. Hello Superego... " - well as You can see Ego isn't happy.

"I said.. What are You doing?"

"Having fun. Without You. BTW where have You been?

"I was very busy"

"..Yeah right...wonder with what" - Ego doesn't like Superego not because Superego has Super before Ego.

"With many things which You don't understand now. Id did you pee already?"

"Yes and eat and many many sleep" - Id was jumping very happy.

"Good.. and You Ego... Are You feeling good?"

"I was ...feeling good, When You were not here."

"Get used to! Now we have work to do."

"MOLES!!! I love MOLES!!!" - Id screams and is really happy now.

"Great Id! Now You become pignusphil".


"Yes Id?"

"But what kind of name is for somebody who has all these philias?"

8 komentarzy:

phylly3 pisze...


Joanna pisze...

Same here:D:D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Phylly, Joanna You said this ;D

I was thinking about Idolphilia or Fanterism, but...

You said this! ;D

Jonia's cut pisze...


Anonimowy pisze...

LOL!! Great post!

K. pisze...

You right, Jonia. We are like that. We don't wish to, but we are in our dreams. Sometimes I'm wondering where is my Superego. Love your blog.

Anonimowy pisze...

Maybe You are crazy girl, but Your post is whole true.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Anonymouses and K. Thank You for calling me Crazy Girl ;D

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