środa, 2 marca 2011

The Women's Point of View Part 5 : From shadows and lights

This is really beautiful ..on this photo are 2 zones one in light, second in shadow, structure of this pose isn't natural...the object wish to be part of the background...that's why this photo is black and white..wall is hard.. from hard material...even muscular body still is delicate... fragile... soft ...shy.. not able to break the background  .... And in this is all beauty... in this softness of human body.

Shame on You if You are seeing only naked bum.

2 komentarze:

RiCrAr pisze...

It's not RA's nekked bum so who cares anyway :) *winks*

Just downloaded Clarissa, Jonia - sincere thanks for it. I'm really looking forward to hearing Richard's Lovelace voice again.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Richard's bum is too precious to be posted openly. And that will be too easy. I'm not a perv.
You welcome Ricrar :)

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