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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 15 : CATS vids on YT - group research

WOAH!!! What a evening was yesterday on 'a forum', I was looking at men in fur, with tails, who were dancing, searching for some dude with ponytail and sideburns. Where is something what is connected with Richard, always the best part is searching where he is, like was yesterday.


Ok so now to meritum of this case.

There are new vids on YouTube about CATS musical in New London Theatre, West End, London. 1994.
The clue is that Richard was in this time in CATS musical, and these costiumes are looking similar like in CATS folder.
This isn't my, but big thank You to person who is much more familiar with musicals and marked cat who can be Richard. 

He was playing Admetus and Macavity.

Big Thank You to Chiara! For finding these vids :)
So first vid

At the beginning is group of men who are dancing without costumes. On this vid is this same scene (5:30) in costumes.
And first I was thinking about big dude in the middle, but then I saw this photo. HERE on Richard ArmitageNET. Thank You. This one is from Cats.
OMG!!!! He should has ponytail and sideburns! And his costume should be more brown on head, and legs more white. Like was on photos.
So This should be this same actor. He has ponytail, and he is in this same costume.
And then I saw this vid.
YEEEEE!!! He is in undershirt, has something on his hips!!! He has sideburns, ponytail!!!! And wonderful nose!!!! 
Is this Our Fav Fellow?! Is this same biceps?
I hope that Richard isn't a violent person, and I hope that he will not kill us for this research.
Other serch HERE and HERE

10 komentarzy:

bccmee pisze...

I was most interested in RA's bio in the Cats program. He did a lot more work as an extra in TV than I realized. Great detective work, Jonia!

Unknown pisze...

Wonderful!! So exciting to see these stills! I think it is obviously him. I will be back to watch the vids when I have more time. You can bet I will rewatch them many times. Thanks so much!

Ania pisze...

Thanks for the vids Jonia!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Bccmee, Phylly and Ania, but that was really wonderful group work :)

Phoebe pisze...

When I saw the parental warning I wasn't sure what you were up to - lol. What a treat - It was my favorite feline!

Musa pisze...

Wow! Jonia and research partners! This is fantastic information. What a fabulous job. I'm so thrilled about finding out all these new things about RA!.
So, he was experienced in "armed and unarmed" fighting even back then! Swoon!

Is there anything this man can't do!!!

RAFrenzy pisze...

Didn't see this post until today. Good stuff! What a treat to finally see him dance!

Unknown pisze...

Dear Jonia,

I so appreciate all the hard work you and any others did to assemble this information. It is a total delight to see this man dance--what grace and athleticism!--and to read about his early career in the program. I also love the group shot where he is standing in back with his hands outstretched. And what he can do to make a tank top look great . . . . oh my!! Thanks again!!


Anonimowy pisze...

Weeks behind, I just want to say that this is fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work.

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello gals. But this isn't only my hard work :)

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