czwartek, 3 marca 2011

That was good day :)

Yes that was good very good day, even If I had very important meeting at work, with presentation...I just add photo of Richard and Dawn French to it, and this made very pleasant mood. :) Even If I was at work a little longer, even If I had to change my plans with return to home, because I was late at my bus, but by coincidence this was really helpful. I bought monthly bus ticket, I was thinking that I will have problems with it, because I'm always too late for shopping and I bought a book Jane Austen's Guide to Dating by Lauren Henderson in my book club shop (You know You have to buy at least one book from every catalogue). I was thinking about to do it in next week. And I just ordered new glasses. They are black, mat, not so very big, very elegant, hitec :) And they are now very trendy (black and mat). I was thinking about do it in next week too. I was on very good meal (kebab :) ) And I just was on post office for my International Women's Day gift....with Richard :) Yes that was very good day without pressing. Just taked like it is. Thank You my Guardian Angel. I know that You are not so very fast, and a little blind, but I really like You. :) Even If You had free time before Christmas and still this is amazing that I'm alive after one very strange day. :D

Wish You all this kind of days :)

Bungle Ft. Darrison - Just A Little Bit
from one of the best Drum'n'Bass albums in 2007
Down to Earth

Just A Little Bit this kind of day every day :)

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