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Strike Back in Poland March 28th 2011 8.20 p.m. Scan

This is only one scan. I consider that I have do this properly all these scans translated and ordered and than post zip file. But this takes time. So I'm very sorry for this delay.

Episode 3 March 28th 2011 8:20 p.m.
This is from 
Fakt TV Nr 12/2011 
Program from 24 to 30 March 2011
(not so very good newspaper, but strangly they have really good previews for Strike Back specially for Episode 1)

And at last I know who was the lector for Strike Back in Poland: Maciej Gudowski, one of the best polish lectors. First I was too excited ;D, Second I fell asleep before episode ends :-/ :)
How to describe lector's work? Well like Richard is reading something about Lions and Ships, Female temple etc.
Lectors are doing the same only their voices are above actors' voices. This can be confusing for somebody who has english as first language, but for us is simply normal. We haven't dubbing which is mainly for movies for kids like Toy Story, Monsters Inc. :)

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