sobota, 5 marca 2011

Jonia's new old bag or a little bit of silliness

YAY! Today I bought new bag, because old is too much used. :)

They are the same! .......No way!!! Really? ;D

is a polish firm. And they have their own design for everything e.g. for bags. I have to say that I really like their bags, because they have everything what I need and they are really inexpensive. I don't have money for some leather shoulder bag, so this is wonderful solution for me, even if this bag is looking like for some skater, but this one is for ladies :). Mostly bags from Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Umbro etc. have the same shape, even if they have different colors and maybe some details, style is the same. And they have for shoulder bags one failure: no big zipper for bags with flap. You probably are thinking about some extra costs with one zipper? I saw bag in Armani shop for something about 225 Euro/195 GBP/315 USD without zipper, this same model like in Adidas or Puma. So this is not about costs. You have flap, You don't need zipper. ;D Wrong! Zipper is very important! And That's why Smith's have their own models, because they are thinking in different way. Without zipper You can have Your things wet from rain, snow, something you can lost from not zipped bag. So buying the same bag is sillines only for the first moment. :) No Zipper, No Buying!

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