czwartek, 24 marca 2011

Strike Back - John in Car Show Part 1

Ok. I'm not so very familiar with cars, so sorry for not so very deep analysis of this matter. I'm just posting cars only related with John P.

Casual version

Strike Back Episode 1 - Romeo Land Rover

Strike Back Episode 1 - Team B Vehicle
(This one is probably from '90 very early)

Strike Back Episode 5 - In this scene we are not very interesting in cars ;D

Military version

Strike Back Episode 6 - This one was nice, for boys and for girls...mostly for girls.

Add a little more equipment and we have

Strike Back Episode 2 - A fine for transporting human like that

Part 2 HERE

2 komentarze:

joanna pisze...

Finally I earn enought money to buy one of these(Mercedes on last picture);););)

Jonia's cut pisze...

WOW! I don't even dream about have car ;D ...not with my payment ;D

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