środa, 26 stycznia 2011

Real marihuana...only in books.


I'm not talking about this openly, but I wish You to know that there are some things in this world that many people doesn't know.

First from this things is marihuana.

I'm against all drugs, and if I'm hearing about legalisation of some drugs, I just can't imagine how people can be so stupid.
Real marihuana doesn't exists on narkotics market. This was 30 years ago. They are not selling this plant. They are selling genetically changed some kind of plant...well I should call it: CYBORG. In Poland we call it Skun. This something is cultivated on plastic ground, dungy by some kind of psychoactive substances: like amphetamine etc. You just can't touch it, if You don't want to lose Your nails! You probably are thinking about some kind of plantations in other countries. Yeah, but they have seeds from this cyborg, because it is easy to controled, and much more stronger.
The most dangerous in this cyborg is TetraHydroCannabinol - THC. 30 years ago marihuana had 5% of it, but skun has sometimes more than 20%. And It stays in You organism forever, in Your brain. It can change even Your DNA. THC changes perception of reality.
There was one case in Poland about some young marriage, they were taking drugs. They had 4 weeks old kid. Once they were on some kind of party taking drugs, they returned to home, feeling hungry, made something to eat in oven. Guess what that was? They are now in prison. Every day thinking about what they did eating their meals. What was in their brains?
One dude was taking for a long time hashish, he get married, but he has kid without palms. Why? Is this some kind of genetic disorder? They made genetic research and discover that he has changed DNA by THC. And he has responsibility for his kid without palms.
Other thing is when this cyborg is ready to sell, every middleman in this "business" is adding to this mix something from himself, no matter what, this should be only bitter, to enlarge size, to sell more. One is adding something to stimulation, the other something to sedation. And when somebody is in hospital after this kind of mixture, doctors really don't know what to do. They know that organism is incited, but heart is beating very slow, so they can't do nothing in one way or the other.
So Please be against all drugs and be aware that drugs now aren't the same as were 30 years ago.

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