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Men in kilt

Ok... This part of male's clothes is really interesting. After couple years of studying I'm still surprised what kilt can do with women's mind.
Are they have everything outside there? Answer is: sometimes. And always this is some kind of funny topic.
But this is not about this naughty thing. All is about something more complicated. About something atavistic. About male power, about imagine of ancient warrior in our minds, in our culture, in our experience, in social consciousness.
Thats why women like men in kilt. Even imagine of male parts under has connections with this what we are inside, with our basic feelings about procreation and all these things between two people. Is very hard to fight with it.
Well maybe Rufus Sewell is not in kilt and he played really nasty in Helen of Troy (TV 2003), but seating like this he is just showing his inner manly power. This is one of these images in our culture: accient warrior. They really aren't in pants.
Liam Neelson in Rob Roy (1995) is image of man who is fighting for his land, his woman, his freedom.

Every RA-Fankle, Army Girl, etc. knows this manip with RA in white kilt, made by AqCheryl.
Photo to this manip is from Nadia Attura photoshot. But I should say Richard looks much more better.

Richard has one photoshot with kilt made by Richard Bush for Another Magazine 2005, page fashion photo story titled "This Isn't My Birthday".

Other fine men in kilt:
Gerard Butler as Scotsman he was born in kilt.

Same Ewan McGregor (born in 1971 ;) )

And Tony Curran

And David Tennant (1971 ;) )

And sweet John Barrowman :) This is photo from his wedding.

But what about not Scotishmen?

Vin Diesel

The most famous model Marcus Schenkenberg

My personal fav Stormtrooper.

And of course I don't miss the most famous Highlander portraited by Christopher Lambert.

Oh and remember never call this skirt!!!!

How to Wear a Full Formal Kilt Outfit with All Accessories 

:) Wonder about this book by Sue-Ellen Welfonder Devil in a Kilt.

Hot or not?

2 komentarze:

DEZMOND pisze...

ooooh, Richard, Gerry and Rufus looking super amazing in kilts! Love Richard's white one.

Traxy pisze...

Richard in a kilt! Wow! :) With kilts in general, it all depends on the man, surely? If the man's butt-ugly, a kilt isn't going to save him!

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