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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 3 : True spirit of being a fan or unexpected wonders

True spirit of being a fan or unexpected wonders

I really should say about it. First time I meet this kind of things like unexpected wonders in Armitage World. No other place where I was it happend, only between Richard Armitage Fans.
Yesterday I saw this scan  'Hunk of the Year' in Woman's Own magazine. Thank You RAnet. I can buy it in my country, but this is really hard. After one of the last interviews of RA in Best Magazine, there wasn't Best Magazine in my country, because UKs buy it almost all! And One of the most well knowing Fankles is sending me now it. I really wish to say her BIG THANK YOU!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! I don't know If I can say Your nick here, so I can only pray that there is something special for You waiting in a short time. 

For past of these 2 years I had many private messages with these unexpected wonders. I'm always polite not to require, and always I try to refuse, because this is expense, and I'm personally not feeling so good, well I really wish to be on this place to sending something to somebody. But I have to say Richard has the most WONDERFUL FANS OF THE WORLD. I remember when one Army Girl  send to me Sparkhouse DVD, because she had 2 copies. I have wonderful copy of Makbeth from cold country ;) They are very helpful, caring, and as Richard said so diverse.

Every Year there is tradition sending Christmas Cards to Forum Friends. Past Christmas I had not so many time to be in this. But today I just saw these cards in my mail box!!!!!!! I was so freaking happy!!!!  One is from hot country, second from cold country :) HOW?? OMG!!! (BTW...meet my Teddy Bear Hug :) ) YOU GIRLS REALLY ROCK!!!!

Wonderful artist can made for You avatars, signatures, wallies. You can only ask for it. Even they don't have time, they always say that can make it. I wore many of wonderful signatures, for a long time. 

This one is made specially for me by Talin.

This one is made specially for me by Laura.

This bookmark is made specially for me by ND.

I asked about this kind of wallie, and Gothwitch was so polite and made this one for me. 
And this is my first wallie with RA. One of my fav ever.

This one made for me one really naughty girl.

 Or even when You reach some number of points of Your posts, 
they can made this kind of pics for You.
Thank You Ariadne.

I'm so sorry that I'm not posting all my unexpected wonders. 
This will take time to scroll this post.
To all wonderful Richard's Fans who are sharing wonders around the World. 
I'm really grateful that I can feel True spirit of being a fan of Richard Armitage.
So as You can see this is not only about Richard, this is about his real fans too.

And as You can see this here 
they can make together something wonderful!!!! 
Not only for other fans, but for other people too.

Take care!
And as Richard said in his last message:
"I know I say it every Dec 24th, but please 'take a little and give a lot', and resolve to do it better next year, you know I don't just mean Christmas."

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