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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 2 : Calendar

Every self-respecting Richard Armitage Fan has to have Calendar with Richard. Main pages and forums in Armitage World have their own calendars. You only have to clickie and download some very beautiful arty pages on every month.

You know how it is when you have to buy some calendars with men, but none of them isn't sexy for You at all. Last Year I remember that I had Mr of February in Cosmopolitan Calendar for something about half a year, because I wasn't watching on this calendar. 
So in this year I decided to have some bigger calendar on my wall with RA and this is a little complicated in my country to have big printed calendar from our wonderful artists  :-* and a little to expensive for me.

I bought "Do it Yourself" calendar and.... well I put it somewhere where I had problems to find it for some time.
I had many printed before photos of RA so I had only to select my fav....but this is hard. You know why to select only 13 fav from many many many wonderful RA photos. and I had not some new which I wish to have it. 

I stop counting my photos of RA when I reach 50 000. Now I don't know how many I have: shots, screens, cuts, arts. But I can live with it :)
In november I was at printing office in the city. And in this office (which is in old building) are only women. In one room is color printing, in second is photocopier, in third is cash desk and...... 
I was waiting almost 10 minutes for 5 printing papers with RA! Why? I was waiting near cash desk and I saw how lady from colour printing room is going to photocopier room with my RA prints to show it rest of the ladies!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even surprised. 
They were hidden by the wall near doors to cash desk, and for some time was very quiet in this office. 

But at last I had my fav photos in my hand and I was trying not to smile  ;D and they forget to return my flashmemory  ;D so I was waiting for it too. 
I hope that after and even before Hobbit they'll made some RA orginal callendar like other stars have it. But I really enjoy DIY  ;D ;D ;D

Peter Gabriel : "In Your Eyes
from L.P. So from 1986

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cesta pisze...

What a fantastic calendar - I'm so jealous!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Oh! Thank You Cesta :) Nice to see You here :)

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