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Being a fan of Richard Armitage Part 4 : Days like this ONE!!!

Is January 19th 2011, at last I have time to finish this post. :)
I was jumping like a mad man. This was this tuesday January 11th 2011.. I found in my mail box package with my copy of RA gift at his Birthday in 2010.
This is really wonderful! Just imagine! Your fav Star is sending You autograph!!!!! But not only! I was waiting since august 2010, but I knew that Richard is really busy and in this year Christmas break is short, so I'm double happy that he found these 3 seconds and he signed it. There isn't important that this isn't personalized like was year ago. Important are these 3 seconds!!!!! I was asking only for signed copy, but in post was signed photo and letter. :) Stamp was from LE. :)

I wasn't sure about idea of this gift, still I'm not sure. My english isn't so good, thats why this year I've asked my friend Rhapsody 96 for help. Here are some pages of it. This is some kind of tribute to Guys of Gisborne playing by Robert Addie from Robin Hood in '80 and Richard Armitage from Robin Hood in 2006. Plus some funny photos from RA works :) All PDF file was so large, so I had to cut it on 3 parts before print. Too many photos :).

Let's rest be a mystery.

I'm not collecting autographs of stars. I have only all autographs of my fav band Clannad, when they were in Poland. And Moya just grab my hands when she finish signed book of Clannad (2008 – Moments In a Lifetime, Noel Duggan) for me and I was in heaven. This was so unreal. So this is this same, be in heaven or on cloud 9, when You have at last this little bit of Your fav Star in Your home. And You can say: OMG!!! HE TOUCHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clannad from Soundtrack to Robin of Sherwood  - Legend from 1984
(1984 BAFTA Awards, Best Television Music for "Robin of Sherwood")
Now Is Here (extended)

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Traxy pisze...

Oh, Clannad are good. Haven't heard a whole lot of their stuff, but it's Celtic and I like Celtic. :) Have tickets to see The Dubliners perform in Nottingham in March and I can't WAIT!! I love them! Congratulations on hearing from RA. Looks like a fun present. Hoping it made him smile. :)

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