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Redheaded men Part 1 : Craig Hawks

Who told that Strike Back is mainly for men? HUH?
This is what we can see at the beginning of the first episode.

I just had my lips with small "ohhhhhhhh" when I saw this. No, this isn't Richard ;) Who is it?
This is fine African actor Craig Hawks. In Strike Back he is as Steve Andrews.

Is really shame that he isn't in Strike Back cast on IMDB. Strike Back on IMDB
And this is his profile there Craig Hawks on IMDB.

In internet there are very small informations about him:
His agency site http://www.owens.co.za/
Maybe I have to write about autograph? :)
Craig Hawks (29) is a South African actor.
Location: South Africa/Gauteng
Languages: English, Afrikaans

Having completed a Bachelor in Live Performance from AFDA.
He made his feature film debut in the 2006 movie Shake Hands with the Devil, directed by Roger Spottiswoode. (In cast: Roy Dupuis).
He played in an episode Combat Jack (1x04) of the HBO mini-series Generation Kill, in (aug 3th 2008) - the role of Sgt. Charles Graves. (In cast: Alexander Skarsgård).

He has also appeared as a featured extra in the television series Jozi Streets and City Ses'la.
In 2009 he made a guest appearance in the role of Wouter, Samantha's boyfriend, in an episode of the SABC2 sitcom Askies entitled "Something's Cooking" (Season 1, Episode 7).

Hawks has appeared in a number of theatre productions including
SpongeBob Squarepants: The Sponge who could Fly in Johannesburg and Cape Town. "Craig Hawks, another old hand of the stage, plays Patchy the Pirate." (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010)

Be careful Craig ;) Your fans will start talking about some photos in the future!

Party Police (Apr 2010 - May 2010)

BYLINE: Thandiwe Mthethwa
Party Police
CAST: Craig Hawks, Suzi Swanepoel, Clare McIlroy, Marno van der Merwe and Grant Jacobs.
Director: Neels Clasen
Where: uShaka Marine World, Phantom Ship, Upper Deck.
until: May 22
Rating: HHHHI
THERE is a new law-enforcement outfit in town and it is here to get the party started. Rocking everything from old-age homes to clubs is all in a day's work for these singing and dancing performers in uniform.
Captain Chaos (Hawks), Lieutenant Luscious (Swanepoel), Constable Curvaceous (McIlroy) and Captain Chaos (Van der Merwe) respond to reports of dud parties from members …

Pata Pata, 
The Pirate King, 
The Final Tumble, 
Mother of the Brides, 
My Fair Lady,
Fiddler on the Roof.

In 2010 was premiere of South African movie: The Unforgiving

"Two survivors, who appear unwilling to answer questions, are the only links authorities have to a spate of attacks that have hit rural South Africa."
More informations:

For this trailer I had to changed my blog status.
WARNING!!!! drastic scenes!!!!

On one site Sonovision I found that:

"Craig speicalizes in great character voice work. He has a versatile, strong sounding voice- Craig is an extremely versatile performer- since graduating from AFDA in 2004, Craig has been non-stop busy with television, television commercials, corporate work, stage and film. In 2006 Craig played a leading role in an international feature film: SHAKE HAND WITH DEVIL- directed by Roger Spottiswood- (James Bond- Tomorrow Never Dies)"

I didn't saw Him in trailer, but He is in this fan vid. Check 3:04 probably?

He seems to be cool guy :)


And looks nice ;) , Ok...As readheaded HE IS HOT!!

And this is probably his profile on FACEBOOK as Craig Hawks Hourquebie.
Research about Craig in progress. :)

Time for some music :) This tune was almost at the beginning of Strike Back Episode 1

Gorillaz - "19-2000" (or "19/2000") 
is a song from debut album Gorillaz 2001
and this is the title theme for the video game FIFA 2002.

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DEZMOND pisze...

Jonzy, why does your blog have a CONTENT WARNING? Have I missed some hot pics or something here? :)))) It can't be I would've noticed them first :)

Love the muscly red-head!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Dezmond :) This post about muscly red-head has vid with drastic scenes, so better make this more than PG13 blog. :)

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