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Work, work , work

Hour ago I finished cleaning my house from my and bro's clothes. 6 hours of ironing plus laundering and cleaning in wardrobes. But I watched all North & South plus THOR movie.


This is very old signature... I consider that this is my second signature which I ever made in very ancient program "Paint Shop Pro" version 3.12-36 from 1995 and that was in 2008 in time when All where starting with Photoshop CS4.
In PSP there weren't layers and the point was to have in head order of all pics. But that was very good school.

I really like these fragments about cleaning from RA's interview ;D


Eating late supper. Some should say that this is too late. But I don't care. I made some blood tests couple days ago, and I have tests like new born baby 10 in Apgar, even my cholesterol is lower for 2 points, HDL and LDL very normal, even when I'm eating late suppers because of my late work. Hemoglobin 14 points. The point is that You shouldn't go sleep too soon after supper. And the second point is..em.. maybe I say here something not popular, just because everybody says that You should eat 5 smaller meals a day. I'm eating 3 times a day. My body don't need eat more, because I'm eating high energetical meals like: porridge, dark bread, barley etc. No white bread, no potatoes. And that can keep me for longer time. One girl from work is almost all time hungry, she is eating 3 times at work. But she is eating white bread. And now the most interesting part: pancreas. Every time when You are eating Your pancreas is working "slunging" insulin. And If You are eating and eating Your pancreas is working and working. And after years is much more used. We should return to old grandma's way - 3 meals a day. Don't listen what TV says, just listen to Your body.

I made tests because of this problem with my teeth last month. I was at my dentist. And my teeth are ok, only a little scum after one year, no calculus, no new cavities. There was problem with gum, and after this I have problems with lymph node. Still I'm waiting for ultrasonography.
No new cavities... wonderful specially after this time when my teeth were very weak and I was my dentinst's resident. I'm surprised. Really! All past year I was drinking sweet drink, very good drink now I should say. From this company:

They don't have preservatives and sweeteners. And I don't have cavities! INCREDIBLE!
Sweet drink and no holes in teeth! Long time ago I was drinking some water with citron flavour without sugar, but it had sodium benzoate, and my teeth were in terrible condition.

I was watching THOR today and how can I say this... I like Captain America much more, not because of RA. Just THOR is much more enjoyable for kids. This Chris Hemsworth is so buffed and this is really big dude. But THOR's costume was looking like... em ... plastic car. OK no matter costiumes. I like this THOR's world, ancient with nice powerful kicked a*s weapons. I like this guy who is playing LOKI - Tom Hiddleston, really good playing. But I like CA more and Iron Man.

Ok no more mumbling.

The Fog - Kate Bush

"You see, I'm all grown up now"

He said,
"Just put your feet down child,
'Cause you're all grown up now"

Just like a photograph,
I pick you up
Just like a station on the radio,
I pick you up
Just like a face in the crowd,
I pick you up
Just like a feeling that you're sending out,
I pick it up
But I can't let you go
If I let you go,
You slip into the fog

This love was big enough for the both of us
This love of yours was big enough to be frightened of
It's deep and dark, like the water was,
The day I learned to swim

He said,
"Just put your feet down, child

"Just put your feet down child,
The water is only waist high
I'll let go of you gently,
Then you can swim to me"

Is this love big enough to watch over me?
Big enough to let go of me
Without hurting me,
Like the day I learned to swim?

"'Cause you're all grown up now

Just put your feet down, child,
The water is only waist high
I'll let go of you gently,
Then you can swim to me"

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phylly3 pisze...

Dear Jonia,
Your ironing and watching videos reminds me of Maria Grazia @ Fly High! blog. :) I must admit, I iron as little as possible (almost never)! I hate it, but also I find if I get to the dryer quickly and hang up stuff then it doesn't need to be ironed. So usually it's just a matter of a touch up right before I have to wear something.

I love that article too! It shows another side of RA which is seems very true-to-life and endearing.

I hadn't heard that Kate Bush song before. Did you know I am now a fan of hers? I rediscovered her talents thanks to RA fanvideos!

I hope your health is good. You sound very positive. All the best to you!

Jonia's cut pisze...

Hello Phylly. I just found Your comment. I'm sorry that I didn't reply for this earlier.
Ironing is well I have to admint now one of my fav because I can watch movies in this same time. The point is that I don't have much time for it, and sometimes my clothes are waiting for couple of months ;D

I really like this article :) And I like his "kaboom"-character-moments with chair :)

Wonderful that You like Kate too!!!
I discovered Kate thanks to my bro who is real '80 music fan :) er songs never get old :)

Thank You Phylly. Take care :)

phylly3 pisze...

Dear Jonia,

Since you are a fan of Kate Bush, I wonder if you have seen my blog post about her?:

I hope you enjoy it!

Season's Greetings! :)

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