niedziela, 24 kwietnia 2011

Happy Easter!

I know that this can be late for You to posting Happy Easter card here, but in My Country we have 2 Easter days :) so I'm in the middle :)

Easter´s here with all it´s merry-making! 
Celebrate Spring with your near-n-dear 
and have a fun-filled time 
with Easter bunnies, 
jellybeans and colorful eggs. 
Wish everyone you know a 
Happy Easter 
with delightful cards from our site.

I know, my art is strange, but I can live with it :)

4 komentarze:

Anonimowy pisze...

Happy easter to you too. We have also another day:)

NICE easter card. I like.....

Lady Rose pisze...

Happy Easter Jonia!! :D

Jonia's cut pisze...

Thank You Alfie and Lady Rose :* :) Happy Easter to You too :)

phylly3 pisze...

He looks eggsellent! Lovely in purple! :)

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